10 creatures at the bottom of the sea that will make you lose sleep in fear

To achieve the appearance that terrifies people, these creatures have had to go through thousands of years of development harsh living environment at the bottom of the ocean seems unusual In addition to prehistoric times, this is the way of reproduction. In mammals, embryos are nourished through the placenta. But fish


With a scary appearance, the frilled shark is a typical example of a “living fossil”. Its appearance has barely evolved over the millennia. The common habitat of the frilled shark is at a depth of 1,000 meters. You can still encounter them at depths of more than 1,500 meters. When mature, the frilled shark is about 2 to 3 meters long. Their main food is squid, fish and even sharks.

2. Blind fish

Blind fish, also known as slimy eels, are famous for their disgusting feeding habits Their: Without jaws they survive by eating the corpses of other sea creatures. It is estimated that there are about 76 species of blind fish, some of which live as deep as 1,700 meters below the water’s surface.

3. Faceless eel

Last year Australian researchers found a faceless eel in depth of 4,000 meters. Explorer team leader Dr Tim O’Hara of Museums Victoria told the Guardian magazine: “It looks like a two-headed fish.” Its mouth is located on the lower part of the body and will extend down to catch food and then disappear back into the body.

4. Atlantic wolffish

Wolffish is a predator with the characteristic of the mouth is full of sharp fang-like teeth. Is a predator that feeds on hard or spiny invertebrates such as sea urchins and sea snails. Wolffish are never aggressive towards humans unless provoked.

Wolffish are often found in the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, they usually live at depths of 100 meters and 500 meters.

5. Goblin shark

A goblin shark can be easily identified by the shape of its mouth: elongated and flat. They have up to 50 teeth in their mouth, making their appearance even more terrifying. Interestingly, in adulthood, female goblin sharks have an average length of 3 3 meters while males only have a length of 2 6 meters.

6. Vampire squid

In Latin, the name of this animal is cephalopod, a species that is neither a fish nor a squid. octopus. Its scientific name is Vampyroteuthis infernalis, meaning “vampire squid fish from hell”. It lives at a depth of 1,000 meters below the water’s surface.

But the vampire squid does not suck human blood, it survives on “sea snow” which is decomposing organic matter that falls to the bottom of the ocean. positive.

7. Devil fish

Devil fish are one of the ugliest creatures in the world. It can glow on its head to lure prey closer.

There are more than 200 species of devil fish divided into 4 groups: goose fish, frogs, bat fish and deep sea fish. Only females can glow. Most of these species live on the bottom of the Atlantic and Antarctic Oceans, sometimes 16 kilometers below the surface.

8. Ghost shark

Like sharks and rays, ghost sharks are cartilaginous fish that live in temperate waters in depth from 2,500 meters below sea level. There are about 47 species of ghost sharks with lengths ranging from 7 to 24 meters.

Archaeological evidence shows that ghost sharks have existed for millions of years. The earliest fossil found is a skull dated about 280 million years ago. It was excavated in South Africa in the 1980s.

9. Deep-sea lizard fish

Lizard fish have a maximum length of 8cm but live at Nearly 1000 meters deep below the water surface. It has sharp teeth and a large open mouth to catch prey. Lizard fish usually live in African waters between Morocco and Gabon and in Europe between Ireland and the Mediterranean.

10. Kingfish

It is also considered the ugliest animal in the world in a poll. Online selection of the Ugly Animal Conservation Society. Kingfish belong to the sea bass family – a group of fish that live in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans at depths of 100 to 2,800 meters.

While most fish float with the help of bladder, the goby uses seawater as a buoyancy mechanism. The most famous kingfish was discovered in 2003 off the coast of New Zealand. It is currently preserved at the Australian Museum in Sydney.

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