10 love stories that prove fate is real

1. Kindergarten classmates found each other on an online dating site

Justin and Amy met on a dating website online and started dating when they were 32 years old. They always felt that they had known each other forever. One day Justin told Amy about his first love in kindergarten with a girl also named Amy . He casually said the school’s name was Sunshine. Since they were both the same age, they decided to learn more. And it turns out the couple has been studying together since they were 3 years old.

2. Born together

Madeline’s mother and Adam’s mother are close friends. They got pregnant at the same time, but after giving birth they moved to two different cities. However, the two mothers still often tell their children about their other friend. While in high school family Madeline decided to visit Adam’s family in Westchester New York and the two quickly became close friends. One day Adam invited Madeline to a dance party and the two realized their fates had been intertwined since birth.

3. Accidental photo

One day Verona showed her boyfriend a family photo album. He suddenly realized that the boy behind the photo had the same t-shirt and the same float as he had. When analyzing events deep With many questions about the family’s vacation, Mirand, Verona’s boyfriend, realized that the “disruptive” boy in the photo was him. He ruined his lover’s family photo 10 years ago.

4. In the same place at the same time

Ye fell in love and married his wife in 2011 in Chegdu and had two girls. twin daughters. Once Ye looked at his wife’s old photo album and realized that in July 2000 they were at May Fourth Square at the same time. It turns out they met by chance when they were teenagers. And now the couple is planning to return to the old place with their two daughters to take a photo to mark this event.

5. The First Friend

Kathleen was her husband’s first friend. The two families were very close and close while in Geneva. When Kathleen’s husband was 5 years old, his family moved to America and they began to lose contact with each other. After many decades, the two parents found each other again through Facebook and visited each other. At that time, Kathleen was 17 years old and her husband was 18 years old. Then Katheleen’s family returned to Sweden and they lost contact again. When her mother passed away, Kathleen tried to notify her old friend’s family on Facebook and the couple started talking more. After 7 years of maintaining relationships in two distant countries, they decided to get married and live together under one roof.

6. Proposing at the age of 3

I remember very clearly that I stood in front of the kindergarten class at the age of 3 and promised that will marry her one day in the near future. They were very close as children but lost contact when they went to elementary school and only knew news of each other through the Christmas cards the two families send each year. However, fate smiled when the two met again and dated in high school. He kept his promise and married Laura when they both graduated from college.

7. The Internet connects two hearts

Their story began in Saudi Arabia when both parents worked for the oil and gas company Armco. But then the two families began to go their separate ways when they moved to live and work in America. It wasn’t until 20 years later that the two children found each other thanks to the magic of the Internet. The two reconnected with their childhood memories and realized that fate had brought them together.

8. First love

He was her first love in high school when they lived in Canada. But fate separated them when he moved to Argentina. They broke up and thought they would never see each other again. After many years, he decided to return to Canada and immediately his first love brought them back together intact like in the beginning.

9. Walking down the aisle twice

At the age of 5, the two walked down the path leading to the ceremony. to toss flowers and hold rings for the bride and groom. She immediately had feelings for him but he showed little interest. After that, the two didn’t see each other for a long time until they studied together in high school. They started dating and he proposed to her. Now the two begin to walk hand in hand again but in a completely different manner than 17 years ago.

10. Love has never been interrupted

When they were two children they were neighbors and best friends. together. His family later moved to California but they still wrote letters to each other. He attended the Naval Academy and frequently visited her family in Connecticut hoping to see her home from college in Philadelphia. Their feelings burned from there. He proposed marriage on the Army-Navy football field in 1990. They got married and moved everywhere according to his work requirements, but their love never faded for a moment. After 25 years of living together, the two still go to concerts, climb mountains and do everything together.

Thao Nguyen

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