10 stages of love that every couple will go through

Love is not always sweet. You will have to go through many different stages of ups and downs. And if at any time you wonder which stage you are in, this article is the answer for you.

There is a lot of research about other stages each other in a relationship between two people. But Dr. Mark Knapp’s theory is still considered by many people to be the most correct and authentic.

What are the stages in a relationship?

According to Dr. Knapp, there are 10 stages in total. These 10 stages belong to 2 other major stages: The coming together stage, and the separating stage.

The coming together stage

All relationships have a beginning, but not all begin in the same way. Some couples meet on dating websites, while other couples know each other through friends or work colleagues. Regardless of how they start, the coming together phase still includes the following sub-stages:

1. Initiation stage

This stage occurs when you first meet a person. The two began exchanging funny stories and initially learning about each other. This is also called the “Knowing about each other” stage. At this time, you focus mainly on appearance and the other person expressing themselves.

2. Testing Phase

If you get past the initial phase (many people can’t because they don’t find anything interesting in the other person) then you will enter the testing phase . During the trial you learn more deeply about the other person’s interests and personality.

3. Intensification Phase

This is a period of great excitement and joy when the relationship begins to deepen after learning enough about each other. The two want to share a more intimate relationship and always find passion in their relationship.

4. Integration phase

Now you two are officially a couple and have feelings for each other. During the integration stage, you two will begin to blend your lives together. The two of you develop routines as a couple. Families and friends on both sides also began to realize the relationship between the two. In other words, you have gone from “I” and “he/she” to “the two of them”

5. Bonding Stage

The Bonding Stage is when both are sure of the bond they both share. The two of you will move in together or get married. Each person has their own way of expressing their bond, but this stage involves some formal social commitment.

Separation stage

Everyone wants to live together happily forever, but this wish does not happen to everyone. Whether you’re married, living together or just dating, separation happens to almost everyone in one way or another. Collaboration includes the following small stages:

6. The stage of difference

The stage of being passionately in love and living in the clouds doesn’t last forever even in the most seemingly perfect relationships. But if you have entered the stage of difference you may very well have to face a breakup. This is the time when you begin to realize incompatible differences and begin to see cracks in your relationship.

7. Limitation stage

This stage is just a continuation of the differentiation stage. You pull yourself further away. You set boundaries for yourself and you become less and less intimate (both mentally and physically). You now begin to see yourself as a separate individual rather than feeling connected before. There will be a lot of defensive blaming and resentment.

8. Stagnation Phase

During this phase you are stuck. Like a water surface full of duckweed clinging to the top. The water didn’t move at all. It just sat still and duckweed started growing more and more on the surface. The gap is widening. Apathy is occurring in one or both partners.

9. Avoidance Stage

This stage involves avoidance – either physical mental emotional or all of the above. Either one of you can leave the house leading to an actual separation. Or you can still live under the same roof but not really talk or interact anymore. You two may be like two housemates but don’t get along. So both try to avoid each other as much as possible.

10. Termination stage

During this stage a relationship officially ends. If the couple is married then the divorce is being initiated or finalized. If you just live together, one of you will move out and break up. In short, this is when a romantic relationship or marriage officially ends.

Understanding the stages in a relationship will help you be proactive in overcoming emotional rifts. . If you find yourself in the stage of separation you should not give up hope. You can still go back to previous stages. But if your relationship has become irreparably bad, let go to give both of you a chance to find new happiness.

Thao Nguyenn

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