100 Husky dogs escaped from the cafe, causing chaos in the shopping center

According to SCMP, 100 Husky dogs rushed out of a cafe, causing chaos in a shopping center in Guangdong province (China).

Paragraph Videos circulating on social networks show a group of dogs very excitedly running around the shopping center, ignoring the calls of cafe staff.

The incident happened on March 12 when the owner visits the cafe. The Husky dogs were extremely excited.

The dogs haven’t seen their owners for a long time,” an employee surnamed Huo told Xigua Video.

Then a customer forgot to close the door, causing them to “try” to run away from the cafe.

The staff immediately chased after them The dog was excited. Later, a female employee led some of the dogs back to the cafe while Huo carried the remaining dogs one by one.

Huo jokingly fed the Husky dogs their feet. chicken for dinner to “punish” them.

The online community enjoyed the story of 100 Husky dogs “escaping” from the pet cafe.

“It feels like the joy of a truant student” one person commented.

“Big festival of Husky dogs. Enjoy a great “escape” great” another person said humorously.

Pet cafes are becoming more and more popular in China. According to Xifei Daily 3,638 new pet cafes opened in Shanghai in 2020.

Customers usually pay from 60 yuan (more than 200,000 VND) up to 200 yuan (nearly 700,000 VND) for an hour at the pet cafe.

According to a report by Chinese market research company iiMedia Research, the revenue of the country’s pet industry will reach 494 billion yuan by 2022.