12 characteristics of men that make women fascinated

1. Smart

You don’t necessarily have to have a very high IQ. If you are a wise guy who always thinks carefully before making decisions, you will be a good family man. Many women like to rely on their men.

2. Know how to repair things in the house

A man who knows how to repair electricity, water and household objects as well as being willing to share kitchen chores is an invaluable man. Women who know nothing about hammers and pliers will definitely appreciate your help.

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There are days when you just want someone who can understand you without you having to explain or say anything. This often requires a long period of acquaintance and living together. However, sometimes you meet someone who immediately makes you feel like you have known each other for a long time and you always feel warm and cozy when you are with that person.

4. Trust

There is no guarantee that your relationship will last forever. However, women feel more confident in your future if you are a trustworthy person.

5. Be polite

Women have very high demands on men’s behavior. If you know the rules of politeness by heart you have a significant advantage over others.

6. Personality and uniqueness

He is not like anyone else. He is the one and only. Women often like their other half to be unique, so it’s easy to see them falling in love with someone special and unique.

7. Romance

A romantic man is something women cannot resist. He turns her life into a party full of their emotions and makes her feel loved.

8. Generosity

This isn’t just about money, it’s also about being generous with care and attention. Be generous in expressing your love and positive emotions towards her.

9. Assertive and active

Some women believe that men should be the ones who should make better decisions for both of them. If you want to become a magnet for women, you should be assertive and enthusiastic.

10. Caring

Everyone likes attention and wants to be taken care of. Women consider these qualities to be great characteristics of a good future father.

11. Humor

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A funny joke is an icebreaker but too many jokes will turn you into a clown and make her think you’re not serious. If you have a well-placed sense of humor, you’re lucky. Most women equate this trait with intelligence.

12. Masculinity

Manliness is a combination of qualities such as courage, generosity, courage and nobility. This is a set of characteristics that no woman can resist.

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