122 year old lady Hai Duong: Her hair is still black, her lost teeth are growing again, she eats rice with salt and sesame

In recent days, social networks have spread the story of a 122-year-old woman in Hai Duong, her hair is still black, her teeth have fallen out and her teeth are growing again. Her appearance is considered younger than her real age.

According to research, it is Mrs. Nguyen Thi Co living in Pham Khe village, Cao Thang commune, Thanh Mien district, Hai Duong province.

74-year-old daughter raising 122-year-old mother

According to information on the identity card issued in November 2022 and the identity card issued in May 1979, Ms. Nguyen Thi Co was born in 1901, originally from Doan Dao commune, Phu Cu district, Hung Yen province.

< p>For decades, she has lived with her youngest daughter, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hat, 74 years old, in a four-level house that has just been renovated by the government and relatives. Her 76-year-old eldest daughter, who lives far away, visits her mother once a month .

When she was young, Mrs. Hat intended not to get married and stay home to take care of her parents. At the age of 28, she met someone who sympathized with her situation and promised to stay with her son-in-law, so she decided to get married. But when she was pregnant, her husband wanted to move back to his paternal hometown, 20km away, to live. Mr. Co also advised “follow the boat and the girl should follow the husband”.

Mrs. Hat thought family Without a son, my father was seriously ill and had to sacrifice his own happiness. The couple has since separated.

The woman gave birth to a daughter in 1981 and raised the child alone. Many people later asked her to marry her, but thinking that her family’s situation was dire, she did not dare to take another step.

“I spent my whole life taking care of my parents and raising my children,” Mrs. Hat said.

At the end of 1982, his father passed away due to a serious illness and the family was financially dependent on several acres of fields.

Two years ago, Mr. Co’s eyesight gradually faded, his legs became slow and he could not walk on his own. Mrs. Hat left the fields to take care of her mother. all the time. Mother and daughter live on Mr. Co’s pension for the elderly of more than one million VND/month.

To save money, Mrs. Hat uses a wood stove to cook rice, does not turn on the fan, and limits watching TV instead. then listen to the battery-powered radio… She tried to keep her monthly electricity bill within 50,000 VND to support poor households.

Staying at home to take care of her mother, she took advantage of the opportunity to raise a few chickens and grow vegetables in a small garden. to improve life.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Hang, head of Pham Khe village, said that Mr. Co’s family is one of 7 exceptionally poor households in the village. In addition to enjoying full health insurance at the end of the year, the family receives additional money and gifts from the state.

The 122-year-old woman’s secret to a long life

Since the day Mr. Co became famous on social networks, Mrs. Hat said many interested people have called to ask her secret to a long life. . In fact, Mrs. Hat does not know what the “secret to a long life” is, she simply shares the daily lifestyle of her 122 year old mother.

Every day  the old lady eats 3 meals each including hot rice and Sesame salt is the main ingredient, sometimes adding pieces of sausage. Sometimes she drinks milk instead of rice or eats instant noodle porridge…

The special thing is that she always tells her daughter to warm up food and not eat cold food. Mrs. Hat also only eats rice and green vegetables.

The son revealed that Mr. Co had almost no illnesses or illnesses health is gradually weakening due to old age.

In previous years, when he was healthy, he often went to the playground for a few walks. But for the past two years, when his eyesight became blurred, he only wandered around the house, lying on the bed and getting off the hammock.

Every night, Mrs. Hat regularly helps her mother go to the bathroom 2-3 times, and that’s why sleep has been incomplete for many years.

What surprises many people is his hair The muscle is still pitch black. Mrs. Hat said that until now her mother’s hair has always been black, with few gray strands.

“I can’t explain why my mother’s hair is still black and her lost teeth are growing again,” she said, saying that the old lady was alert and lucid, able to distinguish between familiar people and strangers through their voice.

Village head Pham Khe said that Mrs. Co is the oldest person in the village.

“Perhaps she is well cared for, so at the age of 122, she has quite a good memory and rarely gets sick. His hair is still black and even his molars and incisors are growing back,” Mr. Hang said.

Many people question the number 122 years Mr. Nguyen Huu Hang, head of Pham Khe village, said that Mr. Co was old, so his contemporaries had no one to corroborate the information.

The local government only has the only basis. Especially the documents he still kept, specifically his ID card made in 1979 to make a new CCCD for him. Also from that information, the locality uses the basis to organize longevity wishes for him every year.

Age 122 is also the age based on documents.