15 items you can immediately throw in the trash without regrets

1. Cheap clothes hangers

Cheap clothes hangers will catch on rusty fabric and wire rust on your clothes. You should replace them with wooden or hard plastic hangers.

2. Torn shoes

Are your shoes torn? Throw them away. Still works but you never use it? Give them to a charity facility rather than letting them rot and mold in a shoe rack.

3. Glass bottles

Do you think you will use them one day? Think again unless you are planning on making a collection of empty, worthless bottles.

4. Old clothes

Haven’t worn them in a long time? Please send it to a charity facility or to less fortunate relatives.

5. Old toys

If the expensive toys are not broken yet but your children are all grown up, think about giving them to children in need. It is definitely a meaningful gift for them.

6. Single socks

You hope to find the other sock one day there? This almost never happens.

7. Expired makeup

Even though they look almost intact because you rarely use them but expired cosmetics only have the effect of damaging your facial skin.

8. Old toothbrush

You should change your toothbrush every two months when the bristles are worn out. frayed and not effective in brushing teeth.

9. Items in refrigerator

Open the refrigerator and review each item you put in there. Chances are you’ll find an expired bottle of chili sauce or a bottle of sauce that’s started to grow mushrooms inside.

10. CD DVD

It’s 2018. Save them on your hard drive and throw them away Leave room for other items.

11. Dish rags

Dishcloths are a source of bacteria that few people expect. Change it regularly if you want to keep your bowl and chopsticks hygienic.

12. Charging electric old phone

Who needs a 2004 Motorola charger? We are in the era of smartphones.

13. Old socks and underwear

If they start to develop a hole, throw them away and Replace with a new one.

14. Old bills

If you need any information, take a photo and then throw away all the items. The electricity and water bills you’ve been accumulating for years.

15. Old magazines

Do you like an interview in a certain magazine? But that cannot be the reason for you to keep it on the newspaper shelf for 3 years.

Thao Nguyen