150 maggots crawled and built a nest in an American man’s nose

Doctors at HCA Florida Memorial Hospital (Jacksonville City, Florida, USA) removed 150 maggots (in the larval stage) from a patient’s nose and sinuses in early February,  First Coast News reported.

Accordingly, the man (unidentified) had been feeling “uncomfortable” since October last year but had only arrived at the hospital on the 9th. /2 when my face and lips were swollen.

“My nose started bleeding constantly and I couldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom” this person said.

After the examination Patient’s nose Dr. David Carlson discovered dozens of maggots crawling inside the nose and sinuses, in addition to many other bugs. These larvae secrete waste that causes inflammation.

< p>”In terms of size, there is one as big as the tip of my little finger. There are also some larvae inside the nose crawling everywhere looking for food, others have burrowed into the tissue,” Dr. Carlson said.

He said the team of doctors had Try to use a vacuum and various tools to remove the maggots. However, they are very “stubborn” and do not want to leave their “den”.

“They are right on the base of the patient’s skull right under the brain. If we don’t handle them carefully, it can affect the patient’s life,” said Dr. Carlson.

The expert sent these parasites to an epidemiologist for identification. The patient suspected they had entered his nose while he was handling dead fish.

“I know that I have to change my habits in handling fish. Previously I washed my hands in the river but now I will use detergent to remove bacteria and not touch my nose anymore ” said the man.

Dr. Carlson said in his many years of career as an ear, nose and throat specialist he has never seen a case of No such thing has been reported in the US.

This rare condition is called rhinocerciasis – an infection by fly larvae.

A 2021 study on A 54-year-old female farmer in a rural area showed that open wounds, immunodeficiency, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies and poor hygiene are among the risk factors for this disease.

The male patient this time had his tumor removed cancer in the nose 30 years ago. Therefore, his nasal cavity is very large and parasites can easily invade when the immune system is weakened.

His nose was washed with special anti-parasitic drugs and he soon fully recovered.

“Anyone with a weak or compromised immune system is at risk of unusual infections. If you live in environment pollution requires regular cleaning of hands and feet” doctor recommendation.