18 things men think about women but never tell you

Here’s what men think but never tell you:

1. We understand that women are not as many as we want, but more than you think.

2. In fact, we love compliments, especially compliments about our appearance.

3. Beauty is a completely subjective perspective. That’s why each man has his own standard of female beauty. A girl with measurements 90 – 60 – 90 is perfect, but that doesn’t mean we all want to see that beauty every day.

4. Many men like plump women. So don’t try too hard to lose weight.

5. We have our moments of worry but we won’t talk about it and we don’t like you to “raise” it up. A lot of women don’t understand that it takes men a lot longer than women to figure out how they feel about something. Give us time to handle our problems and we will speak for ourselves when we want.

6. We realize your body is not perfect. We also realized the house was not tidy. But we love you and perfection is not our priority.

7. We don’t really care about the clothing models you have. It seems that women are obsessed with their clothes not because of men but because of other women.

8. We want you to throw things to us from a distance instead of giving them to us so we can test our reactions and speed. When we catch something, we think we’re so “cool”.

9. We like natural beauty. Even if you try to hide some imperfections with cosmetics we still prefer you let us see the scars and freckles instead of trying to look like a “perfect” woman

10. Sometimes we want you to keep quiet. Men need quiet, that’s why we like to go fishing. Women often have a series of thoughts and ideas they want to share with men. That makes us feel tired sometimes, especially after a hard day’s work.

11. We also like to gossip…about women.

12. Usually we don’t care where we go to eat as long as it has good food and reasonable prices. So don’t force us to choose where to eat.

13. In a relationship, a man will never tell his girlfriend that she should change something, such as losing weight or her soup being terrible. “Everything’s fine. You still look as young and fit as when I first met you,” we would say.

14. Men want you to be more proactive because we don’t have telepathy and can’t know exactly what you want in the moment. Instead of having to guess we want to hear an exact answer.

15. Men want women to ask for their opinions and are pleased to see that their opinions are respected. Ask us more and you will see how your relationship improves. However, don’t ask about which lipstick color you should choose or which shower gel scent we like better. There is always a limit to every question.

16. Men want freedom without control. Personal space is an important factor for both genders. Women should not force their men to only think about everything related to her. Give him time alone to do what he likes.

17. Men have a box in their mind called the “Nothing Box”. We put everything in different boxes. Family into a work box into a hobby box into another box. So the next time you ask a man what he’s thinking, he’ll answer, “Nothing.” That’s when he was telling the truth.

18. Sometimes a man needs support that doesn’t affect his ego. We feel anxious when something doesn’t go as we thought it would or when we do something wrong. But we wouldn’t want to admit it even if we knew you were right. Admitting your mistakes is like death. That’s why when we admit our mistakes, we are giving you the highest trust.

Thao Nguyen

According to Brightside