2 cases of not taking full leave in 2023 will be paid

Pursuant to the provisions of Clause 1 and Clause 2, Article 113 Labor Code 2019 Employees who work for a full 12 months for an employer are entitled to receive annual leave Full salary according to the labor contract.

Specifically, 12 days off for workers working under normal conditions; 14 days off for minor workers and workers with disabilities 16 days off for people doing particularly heavy, toxic and dangerous jobs.

At the same time, for every 5 years of working for an employer, the number of annual days off is by employees according to the above regulations are given an additional 1 day.

For employees who have worked for less than 12 months for an employer Therefore, the number of annual leave days is proportional to the number of working months.

Thus, in the case of employees annual leave according to the above regulations will be calculated as full salary .

According to the 2019 Labor Code, cases of termination of employment are If you lose your job but have not yet taken annual leave or have not taken all the days of annual leave, your employer will pay you wages for the days not yet taken.

Accordingly, the employee will only be paid If you do not take full leave in 2023 due to the following cases: Quitting or losing your job.

Other cases in principle annual leave is the employee’s right if they do not use this right. then there will be no more benefits. Therefore, the employer is not obliged to pay salary for annual leave if the employee does not use annual leave, except for the two cases mentioned above.

Also according to the 2019 Labor Code, the employer Employees are responsible for determining the annual leave schedule after consulting with employees and must notify employees in advance. Employees can agree with the employer to take annual leave in multiple installments or combine leave for up to 3 years at a time.

Based on the above regulations, the employee can agree with the employer. employers to transfer this year’s leave to next year.

Accordingly, whether or not leave can be transferred to next year will depend on the agreement between the employee and the employer. labor and this is not the default right of workers.