20 Chinese guys lined up to compete for a date with a girl

A video about event A blind date that took place in Jiangxi province (China) in early January showed a difference in the number of men and women.

SCMP reported more 20 guys lined up to scan the WeChat QR code on a girl’s introduction paper in the hope of arranging a date with her.

“I felt extremely embarrassed. I’d rather be single all my life,” the man recording the video said.

The wall of the room at the event hung many sheets of paper listing the personal information of the participants including age height, weight, education, career and family details as well as the standards they set for potential partners.

A 28-year-old female preschool teacher said in her resume that she hopes her future husband will be at least 1m70 tall. must have a secondary school diploma.

“He himself business is okay, but it would be better to have a stable job. This person must be extroverted with a enterprising spirit” is required of a person. women other than “potential suitors” stated.

The video of this event went viral on social networks, attracting 48 million views on the Weibo platform alone and dozens of thousands of comments.

“I’m speechless at the rate of 20 men competing to date one woman” said one internet user.

“This is a system Implications of policy of previous one-child family planning and the public’s preference for sons over daughters” another person commented.

” This scene is completely opposite in urban areas where there are many “single” women. The matchmaking spots in the park only have introductions from women,” another person said.

“Single women” is a popular term in China that refers to feudal mentality. believes that a woman’s life will end if she does not get married at a certain age – 25 years old in rural areas and 30 years old in urban areas.

China currently has 772 million men and 690 million women with a difference of about 32 million. The majority of single men belong to the generation born during the one-child policy from 1980 – 2015.

This situation is common in rural areas where there is a preference for boys over children. Bridesmaids have been ingrained in people’s culture for a long time and many women leave to work in the cities.

As a result, bride prices have skyrocketed in the past decade across China. The groom’s family must pay the bride’s parents an amount of money as compensation for raising their daughter and to persuade family members to support the marriage.