4 touching love stories that brought the most tears in 2017

The fairy tale love of a glass bone boy and a beautiful Nghe An girl

It is a touching love story of groom Tran Van Ha (born 1990, Quy Hop, Nghe An) has hydrocele and has to use a wheelchair, while the beautiful bride Lo Thi Giang is completely healthy and has overcome her fate to love each other.

Share with reporter Dan Tri Ha said she was the second child family has 3 sisters. Ever since she was born, Ha has had a bone disease that causes her limbs to shrink and make her unable to walk normally. When she was 7 years old, her parents separated and Ha’s mother lived alone to raise her three sisters. Even though he is 27 years old, this guy weighs only 21kg and has a body like that of a 10 year old child. All personal activities must depend entirely on others.

Tell about his special love story Ha said it was a “special relationship”. The first time we met, Ha boldly sat alone in an electric wheelchair, traveling nearly 20km to Giang’s house to play. The 27-year-old man’s sincerity and humor made the country girl feel moved.

To have a beautiful dream wedding for both Ha and Giang had to overcome many difficulties and objections from those around her. Many of Giang’s relatives even announced their resignation if the wedding was held. They don’t believe that a disabled person like Ha can afford health to take care of the difficult married life in the future. Even this guy himself had to spend many sleepless nights because of tormenting thoughts to be able to overcome the barriers of inferiority when asking to marry Giang. Currently, the couple is opening a computer repair shop to make a living and has just welcomed a beautiful, angelic baby girl.

The tearful wedding of a paralyzed boy with a beautiful wife

The love story of Ha Anh Men (born 1987, Trai Moi village, Dong Huu commune, Yen The district, Bac Giang province) with his wife also touched many people.</p >

Mr. Men became quadriplegic after an accident at the age of 22. After 6 months of rehabilitation treatment, his hands were able to move again, but his legs had not changed.

Their love story started from conversations on social networks. However, because he felt guilty about his body and was afraid that he was not worthy of Ms. Loan, he kept hesitating before daring to propose his love. To get together, the couple had to overcome many difficulties and objections from family and friends.

Even on the wedding day of both bride’s families, the bride’s family was forced to run away because they were afraid that their child would have hardships and suffering in the future. “When I insisted on marrying Mr. Buren, all my friends and neighbors were talking about it, thinking that my husband’s family was rich. However, my husband’s family is also not as rich as many people think. I just know that I love you very much and want to take care of you and do the best and happiest things for you. That’s why I decided to spend my life with him even though we were poor,” Ms. Loan emotionally confided.

Up to now, their small family still has many difficulties. materially but always full of laughter when having a handsome 7-month-old son. They are still continuing to write a real-life fairy tale love story together.

The love story of a tiny bride and a handsome groom causes an internet storm

The wedding at Trang Dinh Lang Son village of bride Ha Thi Quyen (33 years old) and groom Be Van Thuan (26 years old) caused a stir in the online community for a long time because the groom was tall and handsome. The bride is short and somewhat less beautiful than her husband.

Mrs. Quyen was stunted, malnourished, and did not develop normally like her peers. However, she shared that she does not have a serious illness as rumored online.

Mr. Be Van Thuan said the two met each other because they were introduced by friends. After a period of chatting, the two gradually developed feelings. After 5 months of love, the couple decided to get married.

At first, the couple also faced opposition from the groom’s family. But later, when he saw that his son was determined with his feelings, he agreed.

The wheelchair-bound couple and their tearful love story in Lang Son p>

The love story of Ms. Pham Thi Ngoc (born 1983 Thai Binh) and Mr. Hoang Van Tuan (born 1978 Lang Son) made many people cry with emotion. Ms. Ngoc had an accident on a bus 10 years ago, causing serious injuries to her legs and making her unable to walk. From a beautiful, confident girl with many dreams, Ms. Ngoc became closed-minded and afraid to communicate with people.

Meanwhile, 13 years ago, Mr. Tuan was also paralyzed after an accident. The sad thing is that the wife then took her son and left, leaving him in an empty house. We met on a forum for people with disabilities even though we had never met each other, but our meetings phone has brought two people’s hearts closer together.

Overcoming resistance For both families, a simple wedding between the two siblings was held not long after. On the day of welcoming the bride, the groom’s family consisted of only 10 people, the brother wearing a white shirt and pants while the sister was radiantly beautiful in a green embroidered dress.

The special thing about the wedding day is also the first day. first time you meet each other in real life. There were no fancy loudspeakers or expensive speakers, but the moment the bride and groom in wheelchairs were brought close to each other by relatives to chat made many people present shed tears. After 3 years of marriage until now, although life is still difficult, Ms. Ngoc said she has never regretted her decision.