5 ways to check the progress of issuing Citizen Identification Cards with chips

Call the Hotline for guidance on CCCD and population management

Specifically, people can call the Hotline for guidance on CCCD and population management of the hotline number 19000368. To get information about the status of a citizen’s CCCD card, press number 4.

The operator will provide direct support after the citizen provides their name. complete information, date of birth, place of procedure and full names of parents, or some other information…

Ms. Nguyen Khanh Linh (Vong street, Hanoi) said, after Calling the switchboard, she was informed that the profile had been updated to the system and was in processing status.

Ms. Linh was instructed by the switchboard operator to contact her again after 1 week to update. status of the file. If the profile has changed to the issued status, it means the chip-mounted CCCD job has been completed.

In addition, when people contact the Hotline for guidance on CCCDs and residential management, they can get more information about the procedure for re-issuing chip CCCDs; regulations on fees for issuance of chip-mounted ID cards; Information on the deadline for issuing CCCDs with chips; other CCCD card issuance information.

Call the hotline

Recently, the Ministry of Public Security has requested all local police units to There is a hotline to answer questions about issuing CCCD cards with chips. When citizens do not go to the police station, they can call to check CCCD information.

Citizens can look up the police hotline numbers of local units here .

Look up via Facebook

Currently, the National Population Data Center has an official fanpage on Facebook (fanpage has green tick). People who want to look up information about chip-embedded CCCD can send a direct message to the fanpage for support. On the Center’s Facebook page, people can select “Send email” to send a support request.

People need to provide full: Full name; Date of birth; ID card/CCCD number; Place of residence; Date of CCCD; Phone number;…

Look up via Zalo

Coverage to many elderly users National Population Data Center also has Updated on Zalo application. Users just need to search in the Zalo application for the name National Population Data Center.

Afterwards, citizens who need to look up information about the progress of granting CCCD can send a message directly to the Center for support. The basic information people provide is similar to other platforms.

Go directly to the place where the application is made

Currently according to the Data Center People cannot look up information about the progress of issuing chip-embedded CCCDs on the National Public Service Portal.

If you cannot look up the process of issuing chip-embedded CCCDs through the following methods: People can go directly to the check-in place to look up information.