6 simple ways to check whether a piece of land is planned or not

During transaction business real estate An issue that many people often pay special attention to is whether the land is planned or not. Planned land is the land included in the land use plan in each locality divided according to each purpose used and divided into periods over a certain period of time. For example, some common land plans are residential area construction planning, railway planning, and road construction planning.

Land within the planning will be limited in certain rights of land users. For example, buyers will face many difficulties in obtaining permits to repair and renovate houses.

How to check if a piece of land is within the planning and where to look up the planning?

Share about this issue Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha – SBLAW Law Firm – part of the Hanoi Bar Association said there are 6 Simple way to check land planning.

Method 1: People can view land use planning at the headquarters of the commune-level People’s Committee where the land related to that land use planning is located.

Method 2: View land use planning at the district People’s Committee headquarters where the land is located.

Method 3: View land use planning through the People’s Committee’s electronic information portal district level where the land is located.

Method 4: Submit a request to provide land data to the Land Data and Information Center under the General Department of Land Management or the land registration office .

6 simple ways to check whether a piece of land is planned or not

Specifically, according to Article 11 of Circular 34/2014/TT-BTNMT regulating the construction, management and exploitation of land information systems to apply for land information (including planning information). )people need to submit a request to provide data to the above agencies.

The request to provide information on land use planning has been approved by a competent State agency. No fee.

Method 5: Check planning information on the red book. Accordingly, planning information will be recorded directly in the notes section in the red book, clearly showing what area of ​​land (how many square meters) is in the planning area when it is recovered and will be compensated.

For example, if a part of the land area belongs to the construction safety protection corridor that has been announced in the local land use plan, the notes section of the red book will clearly state “The land plot has …m2 of land belongs to the safety protection corridor of the project… (specify the name of the project)”.

Method 6: Contact the competent authority to ask for planning information. People can go directly to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of the district where the land is located to ask specifically about planning information. Based on the real estate information provided by the people, functional officials will look up the planning map and tell them whether that land is in any planning area or not.

How to check This land planning is safe and highly accurate, but it takes a lot of time and effort, especially when people do not live near the administrative center. In case the number of people wishing to inspect planned land is too large, it can also lead to overload and loss of waiting time because the State agency cannot promptly respond to all inquiries.

In addition, there are currently many online planning lookup applications with intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces. According to lawyer Ha, people only need to use smartphones, tablets… with an internet connection to download, install and follow the instructions to be able to view land planning information related to the area they are interested in.