80 good things you can do today

The busyness of everyday life makes us often not pay attention to the people around us, so whenever you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate Do a good deed, no matter how small. Even if you don’t expect a reward, your generous and altruistic acts of kindness and words will bring happiness to those around you.

Here are 80 kindness ideas to help you start bringing joy to others

1. Help an elderly person cross the street

2. Help siblings solve homework or apply for scholarships

3. Participate in a charitable activity

4. Adopt an animal

5. Get to know your new neighbor

6. Invite colleagues to a cup of coffee

7. Give up your seat on the bus to an elderly person or child

8. Smile at everyone

9. Open the door for someone

10. Help women or the elderly with heavy bags

11. Directions for a guest travel

12. Leave a sweet message for your spouse

13. Meeting an old friend

14. Pick up a bag of trash in the wrong place and throw it in the bin

15. Take photos for tourists

16. Forgive yourself for any mistakes you have made

17. Tip for attentive service staff

18. Reuse a water bottle or plastic bag to help environment

19. Plan a vacation for parents

20. Give a surprise gift to your best friend

21. Respond to emails and messages immediately

22. Make friends with a lonely person

23. Get back in touch with a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time

24. Complimenting a stranger

25. Put your phone aside and spend the evening playing with your children

26. Look for instructions online and make something cute for yourself

27. Buy some fruit or candy and bring it to the office for everyone to eat

28. Treat yourself to a long bath

29. Participate in humanitarian blood donation

30. Reading books to an elderly person

31. Tell your parents that you love them very much and that you are grateful for the things they have done for you

32. Let a latecomer pay before you see them in a hurry

33. For those who need old clothes and shoes

34. Clean up restaurant tables after lunch so the waiter doesn’t have to work too hard

35. Introduce a delicious restaurant to relatives or on a travel site for tourists

36. Give a beggar some money

37. Wash your wife’s car

38. Forget an old grudge

39. Help your child build an indoor tent

40. Doing chores around the house for siblings or parents

41. Praise a child in front of his or her parents

42. Hold the elevator door for others

43. Give someone a stick of gum without them asking

44. Bring the wrong item in the supermarket back to its correct counter

45. Framing a photo family for parents or grandparents

46. Help look after children for relatives or friends so they can go out to dinner

47. Apologize to a friend with whom you quarreled

48. Return lost items to owner

49. Visit a nursing home and make friends with an elderly person

50. If it rains continuously, give a homeless person or beggar an umbrella or raincoat

51. Be kind to someone you don’t like

52. Encourage those who exercise hard

53. Shower faster to save water for the environment

54. Register to donate an organ after death

55. Donate to a charity

56. Teach your children how to ride a bicycle

57. Offer a drink or food to a beggar

58. Come home at noon and have lunch with your parents

59. Email your old teacher to tell them about your feelings for them

60. Hello and thank public service workers such as bus drivers, sweepers, police, postmen…

61. Help a friend find a job

62. Take time to listen to a friend talk

63. Praise other people’s work

64. Compliment a street busker on his performance

65. Cook a delicious meal for your husband or wife

66. Help carry a stranger’s things to their car

67. Offer to work as a maid for colleagues who need to leave early

68. Donate books to local libraries

69. Give yourself a relaxing spa session

70. Receive sponsorship for a poor child in the highlands

71. Watch a movie with your partner when the kids are asleep

72. Write a letter to an elementary school teacher and tell them how they influenced your character

73. Cycling to school or work

74. Give up your seat on a plane or train so a couple can sit close together

75. Cheer on a soccer match or a children’s game

76. Be proud of all your achievements

77. Tell your lover or husband/wife that he/she looks really handsome/sexy today

78. Hug your husband/wife or lover tightly in the morning before going to work

79. Volunteer at a center that teaches disabled children

80. Stop the car and pick up someone’s belongings that have fallen on the road.

Thao Nguyen ( Summary)