89-year-old mother waited for her daughter for 29 years because of the promise “you will return”

The road leading to Mr. Le Thi Khoi’s house (village 1, Quang Nhan commune, Quang Xuong district, Thanh Hoa province) is winding, dazzling white under the blazing sun. Like every day, Mr. Khoi still sat on the porch, his eyes looking into the distance, wearily remembering his missing daughter.

Mr. Khoi is 89 years old this year, and should have been living together. with her children and grandchildren when she is at an age that is close to the world.” But for decades, she has always been tormented by missing her children. 29 years ago, Ms. Le Thi Ly (born 1972, her second daughter) went to China to work as a laborer. disappeared.

“I have 3 children. Ly is the second daughter who has been gone for decades and has not returned. The youngest child has had a fever since he was 2 years old. And the first daughter gets married and only comes to visit from time to time. Now that I’m old, my husband passed away a long time ago and I have no one to rely on. Fortunately, I have a grandchild who I brought home to live with me to ease the sadness,” he said.

Reminding of his daughter who has been missing for decades, Mr. Khoi’s eyes filled with tears, his face filled with sadness, he said: “When I was a child, Ly was not born well. agile. Her family was in difficulty, so she couldn’t go to school and just stayed at home with her mother.”

When she grew up, she followed her friends from the same village to Thuong Tin (Hanoi) to work as a laborer. Every time it was like So about every half a month, she comes back to visit her mother.
The old mother kept shedding tears when talking about her poor daughter who had been missing for 29 years (Photo: Thanh Tung) .

“He’s a bit stupid, but he loves me very much. Every time he comes home, he saves money to buy clothes for his mother. Every time I get sick, she worries about buying medicine and takes good care of her mother,” Mrs. Khoi choked.

When Mrs. Ly was 20 years old, Mrs. Khoi encouraged her daughter to get married, but she kept saying she would not decide. lived with her mother for the rest of her life. Mr. Khoi burst into tears and said: “Many people came to ask her to marry me, but she refused. She said she just wanted to stay there to take care of her mother. Yet not long after, he left and never returned.”

At 6:00 a.m. one day in early 1994, Ly followed her cousin to China to work as a hired laborer. Before leaving, she said goodbye to her mother. I’ll only be gone for a while and then I’ll be back.

“When I left, I still had 4,000 VND left, so I still gave half of it to my mother and told her to keep the money at home to buy food. “I said I’d be gone for a year and a half and then I’d come back, but now I’ve never seen him again” Mr. Khoi was in pain, recalling the day of separation.
Every day, Mr. Khoi often sits on the porch, waiting for Ms. Ly to return ( Photo: Thanh Tung).

According to Mr. Khoi, the day she left home, Ly only brought a few sets of clothes. The woman was short, only about 15m tall and weighed about 50kg. Previously, she had kept a few photos of her daughter and occasionally took them out to look at them to ease her nostalgia. A few years ago, when she moved home to live with her grandson, the lost photos made her hopelessly sad.

There were many times when Mr. Khoi intended to look for her child, but because of difficult circumstances, the old mother could only wait. . “I really want to find my child, but my family is poor, my husband passed away early, and I still have to raise my child. Suddenly, it’s been nearly 30 years and when I look back, I’m old and my health is gone,” Mr. Khoi choked up.

Talking about memories With his daughter, Mr. Khoi vividly remembers the days when mother and daughter gathered together in the old house. “In those days, I used to drink wine. Every time Ly came home from the market, she would buy rice rolls and a bag of wine for her mother,” the old mother said in nostalgia.

Mrs. Khoi confided that his wish before closing his eyes was once saw my daughter. “Ly, wherever you are, whether you are happy or miserable, please come back here so I can see your face one last time so that when I die, I can also close my eyes and say goodbye” the old mother sighed in tears.

Mr. Le Cong Truong (Mr. Khoi’s nephew) shared in 2013 because he saw Mr. Khoi living at a so he took her home to live with her family to take care of her.

“She was still very clear-headed and missed her child very much. Before, she used to drink alcohol to relieve her sadness, but when I got home, I didn’t let her drink. “I still feel sorry for her. Now I just hope that if Ly finds out about this information, she will come back so she can see her child one last time,” Mr. Truong thought.