9 touching stories about kindness that will make you cry

If you ever feel disappointed in the world you live in, read the stories about kindness below to strengthen your faith, and if possible, join them in changing for a better world. better.

1. A mistakenly sent text message saved a child’s life

A girl The girl wanted her friend to give her advice about a new dress so she immediately sent her a photo but sent it to the wrong number. Tony who happened to receive the message politely replied: “I know you sent the wrong message. My wife is not at home so I can’t ask her, but the kids and I think you look beautiful in this dress.” He also carefully sent a photo of his children supporting the girl.

But Tony’s youngest son is not in the photo, he is in the hospital due to cancer. Syd, the girl who sent the wrong message, shared his story on Twitter and Twitter users together sent $3,000 to support Tony’s treatment for his child. A kindness given has received countless hearts in return.

2. Worker works overtime so his colleague can take care of his sick son

36-year-old Andreas Graf, a worker in Marburg, Germany, went through a bad period in his life. His wife died and his son was diagnosed with leukemia. He wrote a letter of resignation to take care of his child.

Instead of accepting the application A Human Resources employee shared Andrea’s story with colleagues convincing them to help. Andrea’s colleagues decided to work overtime on his work. Together they worked 3,264 hours of overtime, equivalent to 400 days of leave, for which he received compensation for paid leave.

3. The feat of an adoptive mother

Oksana was born with birth defects The lower limb was subsequently amputated. She moved to three orphanages where she survived famine, beatings and rape. Then Gay Masters, a speech therapist from America, adopted Oksana. It took Master 2 years to collect enough documents to allow Oksana to come to America and give his adopted daughter a wonderful education instilling a love for sports.

The Master supports his daughter in raising him in everything. At the last Paralympic Games in Pyeong Chang Oksana won a silver medal in sprinting and a bronze medal in skiing. Oksana said about her adoptive mother: “She gave me life.”

4. The happy one-eyed dog

Most people will look away disgusted when they saw Frodo the one-eyed dog. But Claudia, a Croatian girl, gave Frodo a chance new news about the life turned him into a cute and mischievous handsome dog. She also posted Frodo’s story online and thanks to that, he found his new owner.

5. Donating money to print books for an old woman

Kind people have decided to help Ms. Vera’s story have a happy ending. She spent her pension money to publish a book about her daughter who died of cancer. When her story was published online within a week, Russians raised $8,700 to make her dream come true. A shopping center also gave her a free space in the center to sell her books.

6. American firefighters extinguish fires in Mexico

When a fire outbreak in Mexico firefighters in Arizona USA decided to help their Mexican colleagues to extinguish the fire.

7. A girl warms a dog that got wet in the rain

Photo in Crimea shows a girl using a blanket to wrap around a street dog that was soaked by the rain. The photographer also recalled that she carried the dog into the store to warm him up.

8. Firefighters worked more than 24 hours to put out the fire

Trying Trying to extinguish a raging fire in central Portugal, the firefighters pictured worked non-stop for more than 24 hours straight. Then they have 20 minutes to rest before continuing their work. These are truly heroes who risk their lives to save the lives of others.

9. The bus driver transports all children for free

The driver Buses in Krasnanodar accept children for free. In the photo, a boy tried to pay after many rides, but the driver explained that he drove all children to school for free. As the father of six children, this man extends his love to all children in the area.

H. Nguyen

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