9X boy “miniatures” Northern ancient houses through miniature models

In the memories of many people, the homeland of Vietnam is associated with banyan trees, water wharfs, communal courtyards… So as life becomes more and more modern, the village landscape also changes and the houses become less and less. 3-room, 5-room house. Therefore, the 9x boy from Hai Phong used his “talent” to recreate ancient Northern houses to preserve traditional values.

In the small workshop, ancient house models exist lifelike. Mr. Tai said he accidentally learned about the art of making mini miniatures through a video on social networks. Seeing the artisans making ancient houses very lively, he “fell in love” and had a passionate passion for miniature miniature models.

“The passion for making miniatures came to me very “I just happened to see a video making miniatures of houses in the North of an artist attending the Bonsai Festival. At that time, I was fascinated and became interested in this subject,” he said.

According to Mr. Tai Designing miniature houses is very different from designing large projects. The process of creating miniature miniatures requires workers to be highly focused and many times more meticulous. Because the miniature details are very small, completing them also requires a lot of time and effort.

To create a complete miniature model, Mr. Tai has to go through many stages such as: Making the base Brick yard pots, fences, house gates, tile roofs… in which the process of making the tile roof is done carefully because he has to put each small tile piece together.

“From the moment I started working, I always wanted to bring peace into in his work. Therefore, I am always careful to calculate the appropriate proportions and balance and try to recreate the most realistic details true to the model and retain the entire soul of the work,” Mr. Tai said.

Every small detail is meticulously crafted by Mr. Tai. For him, each miniature project created is a spiritual “child” that he dedicates his whole heart to implementing. In addition to Northern house miniatures, he also makes other types of miniatures that are half shallow in the form of mountains and half submerged to release fish.

Share with reporter Dan Tri Tai said that making miniatures helps him practice patience and perseverance when he is stressed and tired, making miniatures is a way to help him relax and balance his life.

However, the 9x boy also encounter difficulties when making miniatures because the materials are not available with many intricate details that are difficult to simulate. With small details, you must do it quickly otherwise the cement will dry out while the cement is still wet, so you must create the claw shape as desired.

“In the beginning I did it over and over again, sometimes I messed up, sometimes the product was not as expected. It seemed like I had no affinity for this subject, but after many persistent attempts, hundreds of works have been created,” Mr. Tai said.

From the details From small to complex, everything is meticulously done by the boy from Hai Phong, showing skillful sophistication such as grafting floor tiles and drawing moss-colored patterns on the wall.

Mr. Tai said that this is not the main job that brings him income. So after work, when he returned home, he took advantage of his free time to start making miniatures. Each product he makes will have different sizes and designs, so the price will also vary, ranging from 1,2 to 7 million VND/product. Sophisticated products with additional green plants will also have higher prices.

“There are months when I am free and I can make 2-3 products, and in months when I am busy, I can only make one product at the request of the customer. guest. Through these Northern house models, I hope to spread the traditional cultural values ​​of Vietnamese people to many young people through my miniature landscapes” Van Tai expressed.