9X raises insects that smell like cinnamon, sells for 5 million VND/kg and still “sold out”

Although it appeared from rivers and fields, Ca Cuong has been famous in Hanoi since ancient times, associated with many typical dishes of the Capital such as bun thang, bun cha, banh cuon,…


After many failures, Hoang Anh (31 years old), in Long Bien, Hanoi, successfully raised this insect. Having a childhood closely associated with the fields, this 9X boy once knew about ca cuong and tried it. Currently, due to the living environment has changed a lot, wild eggplants are also gradually disappearing in the wild. With a special love for these insects, at the end of 2019, 9X decided to quit his sales job. to try farming.

Before building large-scale 9X tanks Hanoi had one year of trial farming in Styrofoam plastic boxes to gain experience for itself. In the beginning, because they could not adapt to the climate, when exposed to cold weather, the eggplants gradually died.

With perseverance and determination to conquer this special fragrant insect. After a year, the 9X-year-old boy clearly understood the technical farming process and boldly rented a plot of land in Dong Anh to build 9 tanks in which he stocked 400-500 fish in each tank.

Food of Ca Cuong mainly insects and small fish, we must pay attention to providing adequate food sources to avoid biting each other leading to loss. To ensure the water source is clean enough, you must change the water to clean the tank regularly.

“Currently, people consumers mainly know about processed products from Ca Cuong meat like fried, grilled, steamed… because Ca Cuong meat and eggs contain a lot of protein and lipid. However, the most valuable part of the male Ca Cuong is the essential oil sac of the male Ca Cuong,” Mr. Hoang Anh said.

On the back of the male ca cuong there are 2 small tubes called white essential oil bladders, while the female has no essential oil. This fragrant.

After purchasing, the eggplant will be washed and put on the grill, steamed to soak with wine fish sauce or cut into small pieces and put directly into the fish sauce. It takes more effort than many people to extract the essential oil and store it in a sealed bottle. Each time you eat, you just need to take out 1-2 drops into the bowl of dipping sauce to enhance the flavor.

Commercial male Ca Cuong is sold by Hoang Anh for 50,000 VND/1kg, ranging from 80 – 100 fish. Thus, each kilogram costs up to 5 million VND. Although the price is high, the 9X owner always does not have enough goods to sell. Every month, he sells more than 1,000 fish to the market, minus all expenses, and earns about ten million dong.

In addition to selling commercial eggplants, he also sells seeds to people in need and Support their consumption, especially during Tet. Realizing that Ca Cuong fish sauce is one of the products that retain essential oils and aromatic flavors that is popular in the market, Mr. Hoang Anh ordered fish sauce in Tinh Gia (Thanh Hoa) to soak with Ca Cuong and sell to customers.

“The need to buy things to enjoy and give as gifts has increased, so this Tet I don’t have enough goods to sell continuously in a state of debt,” the farm owner shared.

Projected. This Tet holiday, he sold more than 2,000 commercial eggplants and 2,000 bottles of fish sauce.