A letter written in blood from a soldier to his comrades before his death

From December 5 to December 29, the Museum of the Armed Forces of the Southeast region (Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh City) organized an exhibition with the theme “Memories of the Time of Fire” to celebrate the 78th anniversary. Traditional Day of Military Region 7.

The museum displays 200 memorabilia letters of people Soldiers in the Southeast sent a message to their comrades and relatives family during the resistance war against the French and Americans and carrying out international missions in Cambodia.

These The letter is a heartfelt message sent to the home front, encouraging the soldiers to fight and their determination to defeat the enemy. The exhibition also displays memorabilia and autographs of President Ho Chi Minh, General Secretary Le Duan… sent to officers and soldiers to perform their duties well during the war.

In the photo is the diary page of comrade Nguyen Van Quyen and 9 photos taken with comrades and relatives. At the beginning of the letter, the soldier wrote: “Sister! Six months have passed, the short hour is the day of reunion, quickly passing are these minutes. What can I say when I’m far away from you? These are just words when I’m far away from you. Wishing you Children’s health will progress quickly.”

Among the hundreds of letters, the most prominent is probably the autograph of the information soldier of Company 7, Battalion 42 – Ha Van Nam – died when destroying 6 commandos. Moments before his death, Ha Van Nam used his own blood to write to his comrades: “I bid farewell to the Party and comrades. Wishing you all to continue fighting. Farewell…”</p >

A time-tinged letter from comrade Bui Van Thuyet to his brother Bui Van Giang in 1966 during training in Thailand Nguyen prepared to march into the battlefield.

Among the hundreds of letters from the front lines sent to the rear, there are also Letters from the wife and son to the husband and father. The image above is a letter from martyr Do Van Khoi’s wife.  “It’s okay at home these days, don’t worry about me at all! Take care of me and the children, there won’t be a happy day.” Although it was difficult, the wife always encouraged comrade Khoi to fight with peace of mind. that’s it!

A collection of poems and souvenirs of Thuong General Hoang Cam (1920 – 2013) about his memories of the comradery and camaraderie of the 4th Military Region unit during the fighting years. Hoang Cam’s real name is Do Van Cam, his hometown is Ha Tay province. During his fighting career, he held the positions of Inspector General of the Army, Chief of Staff of the Liberation Army of South Vietnam and Commander of Group 301, Deputy Commander of the Vietnamese Volunteer Army in Cambodia, Commander of the 4th Army Corps. .
In the photo is a letter from Uncle Ho praising compatriots and soldiers of the South on March 19, 1968.

Letter and scarf from Major General Hoang The Thien (Former Political Commissar of Military Region 4) sent to his daughter. Each word is filled with a father’s love for his soon-to-be 13-year-old child and is also a word for his child to try hard to study well.  “Dad’s darling! It’s very cold here, Dad and the uncles have to go to the forest to get firewood to warm up. Uncle Nhu, Uncle Linh, sends his regards to you. Dad misses you a lot and kisses you. Dad Thien” the Major General ended the letter like this. so.
Besides the letter, the exhibition also displays souvenirs Diary poems full of the feelings of soldiers during the most difficult fighting period. In the photo is a handbook of poems and teachings by poets, politicians, leaders of the Party and State of Vietnam.