A listener has a phone number…

 Taxis often have the traffic channel turned on. As a result, I often get to listen to the traffic channel 

“On Phan Dinh Phung street, there was a collision between a motorbike and a matiz going in the opposite direction – that is the information sent by a listener with phone number 01687472647. A listener with phone number 0902485637 has just reported that Chuong Duong bridge is blocked from the section…”

Then there is the listener C with phone number 3 then there is the listener D phone number 4…every minute the hosts have to read at least 10 long mobile numbersii. Do not say “A listener informs” – or more simply “We are informed” –  but must say “a listener has the phone number 0123456789!”


The issue here is the many and the few.


There are millions of people listening to that traffic channel. When the host thanks the listener whose phone number is 0123456789, there will be one person who feels happy. That is the owner of the phone number 0123456789. With millions except one listeners still Again, it’s just a series of abstract numbers that have nothing to do with me. I don’t want to know which phone number sent it. I just want to know where there was a collision.


Even “song giveaway” programs that play during traffic times take a break – the person’s name is replaced with an equally large number. (Studio turned into a prison?!)


Listeners have phone number 0123232452 would like to say forgiveness to the listener with phone number 0234727582 who had an affair with the listener with phone number 02738471276 at the motel with phone number 045763736. Room rental price is 10 USD calculated at VND rate of 19.8742627465173


The last part I created a little but the content is almost the same. Why don’t you say “Thanh, a 12th grade student at Amsterdam school, gave a gift to his ‘beloved’, Chi, an 11th grade student at Viet Duc school..”? Less abstract, at least other listeners can imagine two students starting to fall into a love trap – and “the listener has a phone number 0123232452” can’t imagine anything?!

The host doesn’t need to be so precise as to read phone numbers!


Personal information security


Another thing is the security of personal information. 

Does the station let listeners’ phone numbers read out their listeners’ phone numbers? Is this a loose disclosure of personal information?


Suppose I am a bad person (my ex would question the use of the word “suppose” but you can spoil me) then I can take advantage of the opportunity to do business. I just need to hire someone to listen to the radio from morning to night to write down all those phone numbers. After a week, I will have a list of thousands of phone numbers that I know are real phone numbers and know that they belong to the person who actively called the traffic channel program.


Then I just need a 3G USB and a cheap netbook so I can text all the phone numbers I get a scam message. content as follows:

Daily Traffic Program would like to thank you Thank you very much for your contribution! The program has an attractive gift for you! To register to receive the gift, please call + 19001234356. Calls are completely free.


(Text the station as soon as possible!)

That is a foreign phone number that will cost the caller $3 per minute but not everyone knows that – Many people still think it’s a traffic channel program and text back to say thank you. So easy to believe! Then the “chickens” calling that foreign number can only listen to music on hold for 3 minutes before their account runs out of money!