A series of indispensable dishes in the Doan Ngo Tet offerings in three regions

Doan Ngo Tet (also known as the Insect Repelling Tet) this year falls on Friday, June 3.

On this day, people across the country are busy preparing offerings to ancestors and gods with the desire to pray for a good harvest, freedom from pests and diseases, and for health and peace.

Depending on the beliefs of each region and the conditions of each family, the products offered to grandparents ancestors Tet day Doan Ngo There are also differences. For example, the North has ash cakes on the offering tray while the South has water-dried tea cakes or the Central region has millet sweet soup.

However, each offering tray must ensure that there are all the offerings. such as: votive flower scent, rice water, sticky rice wine, fruits (plum lychee…) banh tro (banh gio) …

With many family In the North, the Doan Ngo New Year offering tray is usually full of offerings including: some types of fresh flowers such as lotus, lily, peony; summer fruits like plums, lychees, mangoes and sticky rice wine like yellow flower black sticky rice or ash sticky rice cake…

Northern people have the habit of burning incense in the morning then eating sticky rice wine and Hot and sour fruits to kill insects. According to Vietnamese folk beliefs, eating sticky rice wine can kill insects because this dish has a spicy taste that helps eliminate harmful parasites in the body.

After When the insects in the body are “drunk” by the sticky rice and wine, continuing to eat sour fruits will cause them to die faster. Banh tro (also known as banh u tro banh gio) has a light taste and cool properties, often eaten with sugar or honey to help cool the body in hot weather.

Sharing with Dan Tri newspaper, cultural researcher Nguyen Hung Vi explained: Folk medicine mainly uses plants. So on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, people will use plant elements to make offerings such as plums, lychees, rice, wine, cakes, etc. Besides, because Vietnamese culture is greatly influenced by Buddhism, the offerings are made. This day is also mainly vegetarian.

For families in the Central region, the Doan Ngo Tet offering tray cannot lack two dishes: millet sweet soup and duck meat. The reason people choose duck meat instead of pork, beef or chicken is because this meat is cool and helps balance the yin and yang in the body.

Particularly, sweet soup is cooked from hulled millet and green beans, which have a very attractive yellow color when cooked. People in the Central region enjoy this dish by using a piece of toasted sesame rice paper to scoop into a bowl of sweet soup instead of using a spoon.

This combination helps the dish have an unforgettable, unique flavor. In addition, they also carefully prepare other offerings such as rice dumplings (not filled) with summer fruits for the offering tray on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month.

In the South, during Doan Ngo Tet, people here They often prepare an offering tray with typical dishes such as rice dumplings with sticky rice and gac sticky rice… After worshiping, family members will gather around the tray to enjoy these dishes to pray for a good year. bumper harvest and good health.