A strange mushroom that “grows” on the top of a tree, priced at tens of millions, is considered a “miracle drug” in Vietnam

Recently, many people do not hesitate to spend money hunting for mushrooms that are used to make medicine and cure diseases. This type of mushroom only grows on spruce trees (trees of the pine family) and is abundant in Hoang Lien Son mountain areas such as Lao Cai, Yen Bai…

Ms. Huong, a medicinal herb seller in Hanoi Noi said that Phuc Linh Thien mushrooms have an average size of 500gr-2kg/tub, and there are especially “huge” mushrooms weighing 10-15kg. Currently on the market, the price of mushrooms is quite high, ranging from 400 thousand to 1 million VND/kg.

According to this trader, the reason why Phu Linh Thien mushroom is rare is because the process of forming this mushroom is very special. They are created when insect pests bore into spruce tree trunks. This plant will then secrete resin to heal the wound. From this resin, Phu Linh Thien mushrooms can grow.

“ However, not every wound on the tree will grow mushrooms, but sometimes out of hundreds of spruce trees only a few fruits will grow. Phuc Linh Thien mushroom” said Ms. Huong.

The price of Phuc Linh Thien mushroom depends on many factors, in which the fresher the mushroom, the older it is, the greater its weight, the higher the price paid. On average, “giant” reishi mushrooms weighing 10-15kg can cost tens of millions of dong or even higher. In contrast, small mushrooms only cost a few hundred thousand VND/kg.

2 years ago, Ms. Huong’s facility also sold it. mushroom weighing 13kg to a Hanoi tycoon for 10 million VND. This is a mushroom that she bought from a local resident in Lao Cai.

“ Large mushrooms that are decades old are very rare. Not only Vietnamese traders, but many Chinese traders are also willing to pay high prices to own them,” Ms. Huong said.

Mr. Vinh Du, a contact point for purchasing Phu Linh Thien mushrooms in Lao Cai, informed us. This type of mushroom usually grows on tree tops in the forest. If you want to pick mushrooms, you must be a good forester who understands the local area. Sometimes you have to go to the forest for many days to pick them.

“The older and older mushrooms are, the harder it is to find. Currently, only professional foresters who are good at climbing can pick this mushroom,” Mr. Du said.

According to Du, the buyers of this mushroom are mainly owners of Oriental medicine clinics in the provinces. such as: Hanoi Nam Dinh Hai Phong….  Phuc Linh Thien mushroom is often used to soak in wine to make medicine to drink or eat directly.

“ Anyone who is sick or sick just needs to cut a few thin pieces of Phuc Linh Thien mushroom and slowly suck it until it dissolves. Eating it in your mouth every day will be very good for your health. Or you can drink it with boiling water to increase resistance. Many people even buy this mushroom to treat cancer,” this trader informed.

Share with reporters a contact for purchasing medicinal herbs in Hanoi if it is true that the fungus grows on spruce trees in the Hoang Lien mountain range. Son is very rare and has high medicinal value. However, nowadays in many places people even pick mushrooms that grow on pine trees in the same family as spruce and even grow artificial mushrooms to mix and sell for profit. These mushrooms have low medicinal value and almost negligible therapeutic effect.

An expert said that cocos wolf is a parasitic or saprophytic fungus on the roots of pine trees with the scientific name Poria cocos Wolf of the foraminifera family (Poria cocos Wolf). Polyporaceae). According to folk experience, this mushroom has the effect of nourishing and strengthening health, diuretic and detoxifying.

People often use it in cases of people who have just recovered from illness and have health is weak… However, about the effect of treating cancer If the letter seems to be a rumor, this expert said it takes time to research and learn more. “People need to research carefully before buying to avoid sellers exaggerating their effectiveness to push up the price,” this expert recommended.

Meanwhile, despite living in a place considered the “headquarters” of the Phu Linh Thien mushroom, Herbalist Pham Trong Hung (Vice Chairman of the Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Lao Cai province) said that he I’ve only heard of the name of this mushroom but haven’t seen it or done any specific research. Currently, he does not use this medicinal herb in Oriental medicine recipes to treat his patients.

Ha Trang

Ha Trang