About the story “The whole country is drunk – From noon to night”!

In terms of drinking, perhaps our people are no worse than any other nation in the world. The output of billions of liters of beer and hundreds of thousands of liters of wine every year shows that. Drinking anytime, anywhere from Mong Cai to Ca Mau cape with all kinds of reasons, love, joy, anger, joy, sadness, love, drink, hate… to drink.

Lu Linh disciples all over the world are basically the same. According to this, “fairy wine, sage wine, Buddha wine, human wine, crazy wine, dog wine.” “Holy wine” “gentle wine” “Buddha wine” are people who know how to drink in moderation to the point of “drinking” a little, then their behavior becomes more excited and lively Gestures are often more beautiful, more humane and more loving towards people. This is the moment when they can flourish, especially with poets, musicians or painters… giving birth to creative ideas that they would normally have. cannot have it.

When they are drunk, when they are drunk, they show their true nature. “Alcohol crazy” is understood as people who are addicted to alcohol. They only know “Wine, wine, wine and forget everything – Vu Hoang Chuong’s poetry”. “Cau (dog) wine” is the type of person who loses his humanity when he drinks alcohol and is aggressive and biting…

In Vietnam, a poet is also one of the “true disciples” of wine god Luu Linh had a very accurate conclusion: “Saigon drinks at night – Hanoi drinks at lunch – The whole country is drunk – From noon to night”.

The poet also said that many Saigon people do not understand this “habit” of Hanoi people and vice versa, many Hanoians do not know this habit of Saigon people and as a result, many drinking parties are at risk of… falling apart.

The reason is because the South is hot all year round, so drinking in the evening when the weather is cool is most appropriate. On the contrary, winter in the North is often coldest, especially in the last months of the year. The bitter cold makes people not want to step out of the house.

The second reason is probably caused by Saigon people. but drink and drink. This “stop” drinking that happens at noon takes me all day and lasts until the end of the night. Hanoi is different. Hanoi’s people are mostly civil servants who work hard and drink too much, so many drinking sessions last from noon to 3-4 pm and then return to the office to do a few things to adjust their personal appearance and take their briefcases home. The house feels like it just left… basic.

The third reason is probably because Hanoi men are “cunning” so they pay great attention to family dinners in the evening. Wherever you go, you can do whatever you want, but in the evening, you definitely come home to gather around the dinner table like implementing a “behind-the-scenes” policy with your wife.

Wherever Hanoi men drink, they get drunk no matter how drunk they are. I was drunk but still remembered to call my wife “my share of rice” and then when he hesitantly walked through the door, he slurped down a bowl of boiled water spinach and praised his wife’s boiled vegetable water… it was so delicious. Perhaps in this regard, Saigon men are less “experienced” and Southern women are less “Ha Dong lions”?

Another reason is that Hanoians often go home I don’t want to go anywhere because the roads are crowded, cramped and dusty. The small alley is always crowded with people, making it an event to get out of the car.

There is another characteristic of Hanoi people. Saigon people like to invite guests to drink at home, but people Hanoi, on the other hand, only invites each other to their homes when they are really close, but mostly they take each other out to shops. The explanation for this is probably because rich Hanoi people are discreet and do not want to show off for fear of others asking for help or making inferences, but poor people want to hide it because they are “hiddenly ugly”. Nowadays, no one wants to show off their poverty and misery, and for those in positions of power, coming to their homes is almost too rare because their assets are… secret.

Back to the story ” The whole country is intoxicated” drinking will be a culture (culinary culture) if it happens on a cultural basis and vice versa it will be uncultured and will even become a “crazy culture” “dog culture” that There are literally hundreds of fights in just a few days of Tet as mentioned above, right?

Bui Hoang Tam