Admire the flock of bamboo chickens with meter-long tails at super expensive prices from 8x Hanoi

Tan Chau bantam chickens are bred from Tan Chau jungle chickens with Japanese bantam chickens. This is a chicken breed with colorful feathers and a thick, long tail. Tan Chau chickens are classified as precious ornamental chickens and are quite expensive.

In Hanoi, Mr. Nguyen Quang Nam (Dong Ngac – Tu Liem) is considered the owner of many Tan Chau chickens. Chau has a quantity of about 500 chickens, including many chickens with unique and strange feather colors that are valued at up to tens of millions of dong.

Tan Chau chickens have a physique similar to wild chickens but are small, short, short legs and have different body colors Such as: Banana swallow with black umbrella flowers and five colors… A beautiful chicken must have a well-proportioned body that harmonizes with its agile appearance, especially a thick tail that touches the ground and has a curvature of no more than 30 degrees.

Tan Chau chickens in Swallow color have nearly 1m long tails with a majestic appearance and tied tails Rarely thick. Currently on the market this chicken is valued at about 10 – 12 million.
Tan Chau Roosters are distinguished by their long and high-pitched crowing. They are filial. Fighting but very friendly with humans. Connoisseurs of raising bamboo chickens like chickens that are bold and friendly, not aggressive but must have bravery when facing opponents. In the photo is a 12-month-old banana-colored Tan Chau chicken It is considered the “beauty” of the flock when it gathers all the elements of a beautiful ornamental chicken. This is also a chicken with beautiful, rare feathers and a quite expensive price of about 15 million VND.

According to aquarium hobbyists, the tail feathers of Tan Chau chickens must have 3 layers: crown feathers and supporting feathers with even curvature and uneven growth. obliquely. In particular, the fur must be long and thick with many different colors, creating a majestic appearance.
Tan Chau chicken has brown feathers and is 11 months old. The unique point is that the chicken has brightly colored shiny feathers, each time it walks, it creates a graceful and graceful figure that is very impressive. Currently, this chicken on the market is priced at about 8 million VND.

The reason why Tan Chau chickens are hunted by many hobbyists as ornamental chickens is because they have good resistance, colorful plumage and long, graceful phoenix tails. so it’s very eye-catching. The owner of this farm said that the more beautiful Tan Chau chickens have unique feathers, the more highly they are valued, there have even been chickens that were valued at hundreds of millions. In the photo is a 12-month-old banana-colored Tan Chau chicken, dubbed the “tiny gem” because although it has a small and compact appearance, its colorful feathers and majestic aura are no different from adult chickens.

Currently, there are not many purebred Tan Chau chickens on the market, but mainly bred chickens. If you want to buy beautiful chickens, you sometimes have to go as far as Long Xuyen, Can Tho… places that are known as the “headquarters” of Tan Chau chickens. According to Nam’s experience, choosing a beautiful chicken must depend on the chicken’s charisma. Many ornamental chickens have beautiful feathers and rare dragon-scale legs, but they are bred from parent breeds that do not ensure quality, so they have poor resistance and short lifespan.

Most of the Tan Chau chickens on Nam’s farm were personally selected by him from many places or bred himself, so they all have eye-catching shapes and feather colors. Unique things like: cashew-colored chickens, swallow-feathered chickens or some types of gray-feathered chickens are “rare” goods on the market.

A Tan Chau chicken 6 One month old has unique owl-colored feathers with many colorful colors. Especially, the chicken’s face has an impressive smooth and shiny “beard”, according to many ornamental chicken hobbyists, to “cast” Tan chickens In order to have beautiful and unique feathers, the parent chicken factor is extremely important. In addition, the chickens must be cared for according to a special regime such as: being regularly sunbathed and groomed. Nutritious food, in addition to bran vegetables, must be supplemented with vitamins so that chickens can increase their resistance and have shiny feathers.