Answering the question: Does cycling make your legs bigger?

Does cycling make your legs bigger? In fact, regular cycling will not make your thighs and calves bigger, but on the contrary, it will make them bigger Your legs become slimmer and firmer if you cycle properly. According to many scientific studies, cycling exercises will strengthen your calves, thighs, and buttocks and help you lose weight effectively Besides, cycling also helps strengthen the back, hip, and arm muscles and makes your waist more compact. Below we will refer to some basic content in the sports cycling method to get a pair Keep your legs slim and healthy:

Warm up before exercising

Extremely important step but often overlooked when we exercise Cycling is a warm-up. Warming up properly will help the body warm up, giving the practitioner the best results and minimizing possible injuries.

Cycling time

When first starting to practice To get used to it and avoid injury or exhaustion, we should cycle at a slow speed for about 30 minutes every day. At first, there will be “muscle breakdown”, meaning the muscles will become sore due to high-intensity exercise, especially the muscles of the back, buttocks and arms. After the muscle pain is gone (about 3-4 days), we can increase the lifting time to 45-60 minutes. High training efficiency.

Cycling speed

After warming up the joints of the whole body, we can proceed with sports cycling First, we should pedal slowly to get used to the bike and help our body gradually adapt to the activity. After pedaling slowly for 5 minutes, we gradually increase the speed to ensure safety If you practice in the room on a bicycle, you can pedal at the highest speed possible. Continue cycling at high intensity until you start to sweat and feel tired, then slow down to relax your muscles and tendons. ends.

During the cycling process, you can stand up to cycle at high speed. This will help train the body. Exercise more comprehensively. Regular cycling is highly effective in reducing fat in the thighs, calves and waist, and is also very good for the cardiovascular system as well as the excretion of waste through sweat. .


Sports cycling helps lose weight quite quickly because of the high intensity of activity and the active muscle areas. Completely consumes a lot of calories and wastes water in the body through sweat. It is necessary to replenish water regularly both before and after exercise. Remember to bring water with you That’s adding protein in food to ensure a toned body, but you need to pay attention to adding vegetables and vitamins.

Choose a vehicle type

Limited For a bike with a high horizontal frame, it will be inconvenient to get on and off the bike. It’s best to choose a folding bike with a flexibly adjustable seat post.


– Before cycling During sports, you should have a light meal to ensure enough energy to supply the body. In addition, proactively replenishing water before exercising will help you have better health and more effective activities.

– It is necessary to warm up before getting on the vehicle to ensure minimal injuries to muscles and joints.

– Clothes should be light and neat to avoid getting caught in the vehicle, which can easily get in the way while driving. Underwear should be simple, absorbent and breathable.

– Prepare good shoes to ensure good ventilation for your feet and good sweat absorption.

– Best You should cycle early in the morning and choose a route with fresh, airy air.

– After cycling, you should relax by walking gently and avoid lying or sitting for a long time immediately after cycling. You should not shower immediately after exercising.

With the above knowledge, if you choose cycling as a health-promoting exercise, you can practice with peace of mind because you have answered the question. question does cycling make your legs bigger? Cycling properly will not make your thighs bigger. On the contrary, it will give you a slim, toned and balanced figure. If you want to see more good articles about health, please immediately visit the website of the sports group Elipsport at please!