Apartment N04 UDIC: Smoldering “civil war”, old and new management board disagree?

Along with The number of apartment buildings springing up like mushrooms and disputes are also increasing. The reasons for these disputes can stem from disagreements between investors and residents.

There are also cases. between the board of management (BQT) and residents, but there are also things that come from the members of the Board of Management when they cannot find a common voice.

At UDIC Complex apartment building – N04 Hoang Dao Thuy, some People in the Management Board have complained to the investor project about this unit changing the location of the community room, adding a number of items to increase the utility of the building without consulting Consensus opinion of residents.

It is known that the items added by the investor include: Opening more entrances for vehicles going to the basement; Install a rain cover in front of the building’s lobby and the door area of ​​the entrance to the basement. At the same time, the investor has moved the location of the community room from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor.

In Conclusion No. 368/KL-TTr of the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Construction on August 3/ 2017 clearly stated: The investor has designed 9 additional lobby roofs at the entrances to the commercial area and the apartment complex using steel structures with tensioned wire load-bearing systems anchored to the main load-bearing columns; Open the entrance to the basement at the location of axis 14 – 15 intersecting with axis B on Hoang Dao Thuy street.

According to the approved design, there are 02 community living rooms located on the first floor of the building. B and building C with a total area of ​​2×141 m2 = 282 m2, then the investor has arranged a common community room with an area of ​​4226 m2 on the 3rd floor of building A.

Current reality Now, according to the investor, they have arranged a common community room with an area of ​​4226m2 on the 3rd floor of building A according to the investor’s proposal and has been approved by the building’s Board of Management and has sent a report. to 514 apartments and other owners (according to the report of the Board of Management dated December 25, 2017).

Recently related to disputes occurring at this apartment complex Cau Giay District People’s Committee had a meeting with the Board of Management representing the working committee of the residential front to resolve recommendations related to the community room.

Specifically, the representative of the Board of Management of the current apartment complex and the working committee The front board all spoke up saying that it was unreasonable for the old board of directors to arbitrarily sign a minutes to move the community room from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor without residents’ opinions.

It’s worth noting. According to a member of the current Board of Management (this person is also one of the old members of the Board of Management) believes that the old Board of Management’s agreement to move the community room is inconsistent with its authority.

At the same time, according to this person, even within the previous Board of Management, not all members agreed to move the community room. This person further emphasized that this conversion needs to be consulted by all more than 500 households living at home.

Therefore, the current Board of Management of the building and representatives of the front working committee of this apartment building continuously requested the investor to return the community room on the first floor.

In the minutes of the meeting with Cau Giay district on August 8, 2019, ICC Industrial Construction Joint Stock Company – Dai representing the investor – said that: According to the confirmed architectural planning plan, the building has 2 community rooms arranged in 2 BC wings with an area of ​​141m2 each room.

After Therefore, the investor realized that such a community living room area is not suitable for use requirements when organizing with the participation of all residents. Therefore, the investor worked with the management board to arrange a new community room on the 3rd floor as currently.

Notablethis enterprise also affirms that the content is only There are 2 community living rooms on the first floor that have been inspected and the planning architectural plan by the Ministry of Construction inspector has been confirmed and concluded by the Department of Planning and Investment.

Through working with representatives of the Department of Construction According to the architectural planning plan confirmed by the Department of Planning and Investment, from floors 1 to 5, this apartment complex is a public utility space including commercial, service and office areas…

At In a recent meeting between the representative of the Department of Construction, the Department of Planning and Investment, the investor and the representative of the Board of Management of the N04 housing complex, the representative of the Department of Planning and Investment confirmed that the 3 items that the investor has renovated are not shown in the design drawings. The planning has been approved by this Department.

After receiving the investor’s proposal on adding and changing the location of these items, the People’s Committee of Hanoi City has issued Document No. 3588/UBND – Telephone dated August 21, 2019 assigned the Department of Construction to examine and study the business’s recommendations to improve building operating conditions and living conditions of households.

According to a resident at Around this dispute, it is necessary to clarify 5 issues.

Firstly, why did the investor arbitrarily move PSHCM to the 3rd floor? Because in fact, it is not because there are only 2 rooms that are not enough space for residents, but it is clear that the reason The economic value of the 1st floor is higher than the 3rd floor.

Second In terms of designing the area of ​​communal living spaces: The designer and the design approval agency must know the lesson i.e. “Design standards” that the State has regulated (08-1m2/1 seat). Is it possible that the lack of space is so great that they only know about it after building a house? In fact, the design project already has 3 rooms in 3 buildings, but the investor has reported the documents and information to the people in the same way as everyone has seen.

Third, let’s just make an assumption. There are 2 rooms as the Investor said and the Investor just returns those 2 rooms to the residents. Residents still have enough facilities and the right to claim the remaining area according to the Standards and the Investor cannot refuse to pay. Community PSHC on the first floor is very convenient for everyone, especially the elderly and children. More importantly, it has better fire safety and prevention.

Fourth, the investor mentioned adding more entrances and exits. motorbike and lobby roof according to this resident, when the residents returned, these items were already there. The residents did not ask for anything more or asked for any trade-offs, but the investor raised it to dilute the main issue. So there is nothing to discuss on the above two issues.

Finally, according to the residents here, the problem of conflict within the Management Board is actually a conflict of interest between the Management Board and the interests of the residents. Stop. It is also necessary to frankly say that there are people elected by the people to represent the people to fight for the people’s legal rights but have not yet fulfilled their duty.

It is known that according to the request, the investor must fulfill the request by the end of October. Currently consulting all residents about changing 3 contents: the roof in front of the building’s lobby, the entrance and exit, and changing the location of the community room.

Nguyen Khanh 

N04 UDIC Apartment Building: Smoldering