Apartment residents have to look at… “mobile nude photos” every day.

Many people still think that “neighbors turn out their lights at night” or “sell their brothers away from their neighbors” but in many cases homeowners have to “refuse” their neighbors because of their bad character. It’s hard to reconcile. Bad and funny stories are also appearing more and more in apartment buildings – places that are considered modern and civilized.

These days at the residents’ forum An apartment building in Hanoi’s Nam Tu Liem district is “exciting” with the topic of reluctantly having to admire the nudity of some of the neighbors opposite.

“Can’t stand the sight of the male owner The house opposite often stands naked on the balcony while my family has a teenage daughter,” Ms. H.D in the opposite apartment recounted angrily.

Many households live opposite the owner of the above household. I’m also often startled and speechless when I suddenly have to see unwanted images. “I can only ask the Board of Directors to give them advice, there’s no way to ban them because they’re not naked in public. Just relax at home. “Suggestions that don’t change will have to be tolerated” another resident shared.

Accidents falling from “the sky”

No Although they have to endure eye pain, Mr. M.’s family, currently living in an apartment building in Yen Nghia ward, Ha Dong district, has to endure “mind-numbing” suffering because every night they have to hear the neighbor’s cat and dog barking. “They locked the dogs and cats on the balcony. The sound echoed throughout the apartments and said the neighbors were all deaf.”

It doesn’t stop there, some households are living in this apartment complex. He also repeatedly reported that he often had to pick up… sanitary napkins thrown away from upstairs. “It’s true that I don’t know whether to cry or curse about these things, but if I throw them out, I don’t understand where the consciousness is,” Ms. H.D.P. said angrily.

“There’s a small balcony where you can stand and breathe in the fresh air in the morning, but there’s never a day of peace. One day, a cigarette butt falls on your foot, another day you get water splashed in your face, another day you see water.” The air conditioner suddenly fell on my head. It’s true that when I lived in an apartment, I realized there were many things to talk about” Ms. L.A. said.

“Every night I hear the upstairs banging on the ceiling. Many times I got so frustrated that I went up to remind them. But when I went down, the banging got louder. Nope.” Is there any other way for the family to consult with the building management board? However, the matter stops there.”

In addition to the inconveniences from the private house affecting the neighbors, there is another problem. Another thing that is very common in apartments is the situation of “unmanned objects” falling from above into the yard. Sometimes it was a set of bed sheets, sometimes it was a pair of pants, a shirt, and even a knife and chopping board that flew into the yard, leaving those who witnessed the cutting without a drop of blood.

In most apartment complexes, the Management Board is the person who represents residents to resolve problems. But the members of the Management Board are also people who directly live in the apartment building. That’s why if the Board of Management uses reason, it doesn’t have enough authority, but if it uses emotion, it’s easy to be despised.

An apartment complex is a gathering place for many individuals and households from many different places. That’s why cultural sources, ways of thinking, and customs are also different. This is also a difficult point to build and maintain a civilized lifestyle.

According to experts, today’s apartments only ensure the construction of apartments and do not focus on building culture. community. A community today is crowded but lacks strong cohesion, mainly people living on their own.

The emotional breakdown has many times made frustrations impossible to resolve, angers impossible to resolve. curb. Many fights at the apartment complex have occurred, causing neighbors to not be able to look at each other.

On February 15, 2016, the Ministry of Construction issued Circular 02/2016/TT-BXD on Regulations on management and use of apartment buildings, effective from April 2, 2016. The content of this document clearly states: Prohibiting the acts of swearing, arguing – fighting, causing noise and loss of security and order; Prohibit the use of radio and television or devices that emit excessive sound, affecting the quiet of the apartment building.

In addition, the circular specifically prohibits people from burning joss paper in the apartment. apartment buildings doing business in fields related to flammable materials in apartments; Do not raise livestock or poultry in the apartment building, defecate, litter or toxic waste that pollutes the environment.

In particular, residents are prohibited from drying clothes or ornamental pots on the railing and the space from the railing. hanging across the apartment window. It is forbidden to throw any material from the apartment’s balcony window into the common space or road….

If people violate the above regulations, it depends on the level of management or government. Local authorities will consider and handle the matter in accordance with the provisions of law. In case of consequences, the perpetrator must pay compensation to the State, the community and the victim…

At first glance, it seems that these prohibitions are humorous because these are issues related to people’s lifestyle, habits and awareness. Each person must be aware when living in shared spaces and should not legislate these issues.

However, in reality there are many incidents related to related to people living in apartment buildings causing insecurity, throwing away materials or… causing frustration in the community.

Many people said that even though this is a “reluctant” document related to The behavior of residents will create a civilized lifestyle in today’s high-rise apartment buildings and new urban areas. The legalization of awareness and responsibility also limits the disorganized habits of a part of the people who are still accustomed to an arbitrary personal lifestyle without a sense of community.

However, besides that, many people believe that Or this document is like letting chickens out to chase because it is impossible and uncontrollable, especially when pouring water and throwing things out of windows and railings, who will monitor and make evidence. And when an incident occurs, who will handle it?

Hanoi has many old and new apartments. So when legal regulations are introduced and people have to comply with so many apartment buildings, who will manage and punish when things like raising cats and dogs, drying clothes on railings and leaking water in urban areas still happen regularly?</p >