Are Geisha Japanese prostitutes?

The most frequent question is “Are Geishas prostitutes?”.

To answer this question, let’s join Charlea Jefts to learn about the origins and interesting history surrounding female artists. This unique Japanese entertainer.

Oiran – High-class courtesan

The origins of the geisha profession can be traced back to the 1200s with a group called shirabyoshi. Although these people were not geisha, they were trained in the same art as geisha and became courtesans – also known as yujo (prostitutes) in the 1600s. The highest class. of yujo is oiran. According to documents, the easiest way to distinguish an oiran from a geisha is the obi (belt). Oiran often wears a belt in the front so that it can be tied repeatedly throughout the evening.

The first geisha

Geisha was born from Orian culture. Pictured is a performance of Japanese geisha (Photo: Getty Images).

Orian culture is where The most surprising thing is that the first geisha in Japan were not women but men. However, male geisha only worked in this field about 20 years before female geisha initially became popular The role of geisha is only to assist the courtesans in entertaining customers, but they are not allowed to have direct contact with the customers. The courtesans fear that they will rob their customers.

The first geisha as a The game most similar to today appeared in the 1700s. This was the time when they completely “shed” all references to courtesans and began to entertain guests with arts such as playing musical instruments.

Geisha are not prostitutes

So with the question “are geishas or were they courtesans?” The answer is “absolutely not”. Although geisha were born from the world of courtesans during the Edo period, they developed themselves into an entertainment class in society and were never prostitutes Prostitution was legal and licensed during the Edo period, while geisha were strictly prohibited from such licenses.

Today geisha plays an important role in Japanese cultural heritage. With their outstanding talent and skilled performances, Geisha are considered outstanding entertainers and special women who always strive to promote the beauty of ancient Japanese culture.