Bad habits need to be corrected

I would like to take the liberty of pointing out the bad habits that everyone seems to know but despise and don’t really want to correct.

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1. People have a habit of throwing trash indiscriminately. This bad habit is almost common from cities to rural areas. Even in the center of the Capital like Hoan Kiem Lake area, this bad habit cannot be avoided. The sightseeing guests here “innocently” throw away cards, melon seeds, candy paper, ice cream wrappers, and ice cream wrappers everywhere, even though there is a trash can every 20 meters around the lake.

2. Picking flowers and breaking branches, trampling on the grass in the park, destroying the landscape of the environment, damaging the beauty of nature. That often happens on holidays, especially festivals; It also happens commonly on New Year’s Eve. Everyone wants to bring fortune home, but what is fortune here? Why is fortune in tree branches? It’s just that on the tree branches there are young buds that sprout in the spring. Just because of the coincidence of the word “LOC” people destroy nature. Then, plucking flowers and breaking branches in flower festivals has become popular and repeated right in the land of Thang Long with thousands of years of civilization!

3. Selfish attitude, only knowing yourself. If it were not selfish, there would certainly not be the phenomenon of  throwing trash indiscriminately, picking flowers and breaking branches at flower festivals. Being selfish is naturally related to the above two bad habits and causes many other bad habits. People with this bad habit only care about themselves and their homes and don’t care about the public environment. For example, as long as our house is clean, we don’t care about trash thrown on the street in the park. Seeing old people hurrying across the street or seeing unfortunate people in trouble, there is no compassion and no  to help. That greedy selfishness is also the cause of embezzlement and corruption…

4. Talking nonsense and occasionally inserting obscene words in the middle of a sentence has become a “fashion” for teenagers and some middle-aged people today. Then speaking ill of absent people or “gossiping” also became quite common. This is very obvious and is something everyone sees every day. There is no need for investigative research by scientists. Gossiping happens a lot among people who have a lot of  free time and don’t know what to do. Unemployed people who often sit and chat at sidewalk cafes, people who work for idle state agencies, and students who are lazy to study… they are all the subjects most likely to exhibit this bad habit.

Above are some quite common bad habits of people. So what does Vietnam need to do to overcome those bad habits? Within the scope of an individual’s knowledge, I would like to contribute some opinions:

Our ancestors often said “Teach your children from childhood”. We need to pay more attention to educating the young generation from speech to lifestyle, correcting bad habits from an early age and adults must be a good example for them to learn. I have seen couples take their children to the park and their children want to pick flowers and they also comply with their child’s wishes. When such children grow up to be young adults and take their lovers to the flower festival, of course they easily pick flowers to give to their lovers.

Therefore, moral education and conscious, responsible living is a task that should be taken seriously for every family. families as well as all schools from kindergarten to university.

This is also the responsibility of unions and social organizations; of mass media agencies, especially Television and Radio, whose scope of operation and service subjects cover the entire country. I hope that mass media agencies will actively contribute to criticizing bad habits through many genres of journalism and arts that attract many viewers and readers, bringing practical effects on moral education and character. and lifestyle for many different people.

For that to become a reality, there needs to be  the state’s attention and direction and investment in mass media agencies to deploy Widely deploy the implementation of moral and lifestyle education topics through programs and genres suitable for different audiences, especially children and teenagers.

In addition to awareness education, I think there also needs to be real sanctions Severe for those who commit bad behavior in public areas such as throwing flowers, breaking branches, and riding in the park; Severely punish those who talk obscenely, spit profanely and defecate in public areas. The task of sanctioning can be assigned to the police, army and local security forces. It needs to be carried out simultaneously and drastically, such as punishing traffic safety violations or not wearing helmets.

I hope that with the above measures, we will gradually repel bad habits and build a cultural environment in our lifestyle and behavior. of our Vietnamese people.

Master Nguyen Anh Hai

LTS Dan Tri – Correctly identify the common bad habits of our people so that we can have an attitude of breaking up with bad habits That is a good sign in the process of building a civilized lifestyle in modern society.

The bad habits mentioned in the above article and the remedies proposed by the author are interesting contributions.

It is hoped that the agencies responsible for managing these areas In the field of culture, education, security, as well as every family, every citizen should pay more attention to moral education and building a civilized lifestyle everywhere, every time, especially in public areas.