Ban Pho – Bright spot in the highlands of North Ha, Lao Cai

After nearly 3 years of being recognized as meeting new rural commune standards, the appearance of Ban Pho rural area (Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province) is increasingly changing in a positive direction.

Preserving and promoting the fine traditional cultural values ​​of ethnic minorities associated with development tourism is in the content of project 9 of the National Target Program for Ethnic Minorities and Mountainous Areas Phase I : 2021- 2025 on investment in development of ethnic minority groups with very few people and ethnic groups with many difficulties.

In Ban Pho, traditional beauty is always preserved. These are solid walled houses perched on the mountainside, an image of the simple life of ethnic people in the villages.

And especially the unique handicrafts are still practiced. people maintained for many generations. Prominent among them is brocade weaving, where the skills and talents of Mong women create unique products from materials from the mountains and forests.

Handbags, scarves, dresses with flowers Brocade… created by local people imbued with local cultural identity.

To develop village tourism, local authorities have invested heavily in improving infrastructure. Expanding and upgrading the road from Ta Chai to Ban Pho Coc Ly and Ta Van Chu is an important step. Furthermore, preserving and developing the forging craft of wine making and the Ta Van Chu eco-tourism project have created unique features that attract tourists from all over.

Although there are still some challenges, but Ban Pho is constantly making efforts to develop community tourism to bring economic and sustainable opportunities for the Mong ethnic people while preserving and developing their unique cultural identity.

After many attempts In 2019, Ban Pho commune was awarded an Emulation Flag by the People’s Committee of Lao Cai province for its outstanding achievements in the new rural construction movement and awarded a Certificate recognizing Ban Pho commune meeting New Rural standards.</p >

Positive changes

Mr. Nguyen Bui Quyen, Permanent Deputy Secretary of Ban Pho Commune Party Committee, said: After many years of efforts, Ban Pho has there is a comprehensive change. Up to now, the average income has reached 39 million VND/person/year, the poverty rate is more than 40% (the average annual poverty reduction rate is 8%), the commune has achieved 11/19 advanced new rural criteria…

Ban Pho life is currently having a comprehensive change in a positive direction (Photo: M.V).

To get this result, the commune government surveyed the situation. socio-economic development model and the difficulties that people encounter in order to build activity plans for each month, quarter and year.

At the same time, regularly send officials to closely follow the grassroots Find out the thoughts and aspirations of guiding people to apply science and technology to production; gradually transform the structure of crops and livestock to implement intensive farming to increase crops…

Family of Mr. Ly Seo Tenh in Hang Du village is an example of a student dynamic. Mr. Tenh planted 300 VH6 pear trees but some years the product quality was low. After being instructed by the commune’s specialized staff to take care of pruning branches to create canopy and wrap the fruit, this year his family collected 6 quintals of fruit and sold it for 18 million VND.

Similar to Mr. Ly Van So (Ban Pho 2 village) was given the opportunity by the Commune People’s Committee to go on a study tour and then determined to develop tourism. When locality has policy to support agricultural development associated with eco-tourism Mr. So borrowed more than 500 million VND from a bank to invest in building a house on stilts and repairing a garden to make a homestay model welcome. His homestay has 1 community house with 2 single rooms, 1 double room and 2 bungalows with the capacity to welcome 40 – 50

Mr. Nguyen Bui Quyen, Standing Deputy Secretary of Ban Pho Commune Party Committee, said: Ban Pho always Mentioning the motto “building new rural areas has only a beginning and no end” to mobilize people to strive to maintain and improve the achieved criteria.

National target program for socio-economic development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas in the period 2021 – 2030 Phase I: from 2021 to 2025 includes many component projects and sub-projects. Including Project 6: Preserving and promoting the fine traditional cultural values ​​of ethnic minorities associated with tourism development. The project aims to: Restore and promote the value of conservation. traditional cultural values, fostering and training cultural officials; Support cultural facilities and equipment for ethnic minority and mountainous areas to improve cultural enjoyment for ethnic minorities associated with community tourism development, with priority given to There are very few ethnic minorities.