Bao Ngoc Aerobic advises chubby girls to choose “standard, no need to adjust” workout clothes.

Suitable for body size

Even though gym clothes are usually stretchy Stretchy and tight, but that doesn’t mean you can wear any size you like. Chubby girls should choose clothes that fit their body size. You can go to the store to try on the clothes to make sure Don’t be too loose or tight because if it doesn’t fit, the training process will be very uncomfortable and will greatly reduce your enthusiasm for training.

In addition, if you decide to buy online, you need to carefully check the clothing size conversion table because buying online is quite risky. It is best for women to choose a reputable brand with a clear warranty return policy so that they can change the size of the clothes if they are too tight or larger than their body. Many women, because they are subjective, have bought workout clothes that do not fit their body, so you should be careful to avoid these situations.

Use high-waisted pants

High-waisted workout pants, in addition to being tight, also have a high waistband that can reach the navel or high more depending on design. This style not only makes it easier for women to exercise, but also contributes to shaping the abdominal muscles, helping the abdomen stay fixed when exercising. When exercising, the whole body will secrete sweat and this high waistband will help the temperature of the abdomen increase, helping to burn fat more effectively. In addition, another effect is that when wearing high-waisted pants, women will look slimmer, creating a very effective motivation to exercise. So if you are someone who wants to have a slim waist, you need to buy a pair of high-waisted pants right away!

Wear a tight-fitting shirt must

You don’t always have to wear a tight, seductive sports bra like models because it depends on your body shape. Everyone can be flexible in choosing suitable outfits. For pants, high-waisted tights are suitable, but for tops, women can choose a tank top that is tight enough to hug the body without affecting the workout process. These shirts are used by overweight women because they are discreet and still hug the body tightly.

For women with oversized bodies who have difficulty choosing exercise clothes, they can wear t-shirts to exercise. However, because exercising will cause you to sweat quite a lot, you need to choose a cool, absorbent material to avoid causing rashes and rashes.

Specialized sports shoes

Many women think that they do not need to wear shoes or wear poor quality shoes to exercise. However, this is a wrong view because during exercise there are many movements that impact the feet. Therefore, if a shoe is too stiff, your feet will hurt. If you don’t wear shoes you can get injured. Therefore, women need to pay attention to choosing the right soft, warm shoes to easily move when exercising.

Hopefully, with the above experiences shared by Bao Ngoc Aerobic, women with chubby bodies can easily choose the right set of clothes and quickly regain their desired shape.