“Block crickets” on winter nights

The mountains of Tien Phuoc, Quang Nam, my hometown, are filled with rocks and rocks, so digging a cave to catch a cricket is a sweat. But the game of kicking crickets or making crispy roasted crickets is something the children in the village do every day. There is no one who doesn’t fall in love with the oven and wait eagerly.

Digging a cave to catch crickets is too difficult because the soil is barren, so we came up with a way Catching crickets at night is simple but extremely effective, using a blunt knife to “stop the crickets”.

Usually during this season the soil softens and the sweet potatoes begin to sprout green shoots. It was dusk and the sound of crickets was buzzing around the garden and beach.

After quickly eating dinner, the children gathered together to prepare their tools and wait until night to “stop the crickets”. Simple tools are just a blunt knife, a windproof oil lamp and a box to store crickets when caught.

Crickets caught this way are mostly male crickets. According to folk experience, if you want to know whether a cricket is male or female, just look at the wings and you will be able to distinguish immediately. The female cricket has smooth wings with a white belly and the male has curled wings and a muscular back.

The male rice cricket usually waits when it gets dark to crawl to the cave entrance to crow. The sound of crowing is endless and passionate, unmistakable with any other sound. Hearing the sound of crickets chirping, the children walked along very quietly, following the sound of crowing and using the light to find the cave entrance.

When the cricket’s nape is normal He turned his head into the dark cave, raised his hind legs, spread his wings, and passionately crowed and blew the song continuously. When you discover the cricket guy crowing, you must pay attention to which direction the path into the cave runs. Once there, just put the tip of the knife on the ground to block the way into the cave to prevent them from running in. Then grab the fat cricket guy and put it in the box to continue looking for the next cave entrance.

Just a moment of “cricket blocking” and the box is full of rice crickets. The children howled to each other to return home.

When they got home, they split up and chose crickets with big heads, slim bodies, long tails, strong black twisted wings, and strong, black pincers to keep separately for tomorrow’s competition. . The rest I gave my mother to pick off the wings and make the intestines, wash them and make roasted crickets.
A rice cricket was caught

On a cold winter night, children surrounded the red fire with hungry eyes waiting to enjoy the rice crickets again. Golden and crispy mixed with a spicy taste, perhaps there is nothing more delicious than that.

If the food made from crickets is greasy and delicious, then the cricket matches were extremely attractive to children back then. Choosing a flat piece of land under the leaves of a tree, the children in the village gathered together and divided into groups to fight crickets.

Cut a hand-length hole in the ground about two miles deep and wide. finger. Take the cricket out of the box, put a strand of hair in the back, spin it around to make it dizzy, then put it in the pre-cut slot. The two cricketers faced each other and immediately rushed to bite rocks to compete for territory.

The tingling sound of crows, the clicking of the pair of pincers kicking, the cheers of the children made the whole village happy. The match ends when the opponent cannot withstand the attack and has to jump out of the way. The remaining cricket winner raised his legs and puffed out his wings, raising a triumphant chorus.

Time passes and life becomes busy, so the sound of crickets on a winter night recedes into the subconscious. Suddenly tonight, I suddenly heard the sound of crickets chirping after summer, waking up my childhood. My heart suddenly throbbed like the sound of crickets chirping in a once poor countryside.