Blood-curdling screams in the middle of the gloomy trial of Quynh Trang’s “stepmother” case

Different from what many people imagine, the appeal trial of the stepmother case” Quynh Trang beating an 8-year-old girl to death on April 28th Quiet and quiet. There are no more scenes of people filling the streets near the court to express their condolences to the victims and indignation at the crimes of the “couple” Quynh Trang – Trung Thai like in the first instance.

Before the trial, there were a few scattered people at the court gate. Elderly women hold banners depicting little V.A, demanding a fair trial for the girl as well as speaking out about the problem of child abuse.

It was deserted outside the gate, but inside the courtroom was equally deserted. In addition to representatives of the agencies conducting the proceedings and the two defendants, only a few family members of the victim attended court.

At first, the trial took place as quietly as its setting. Few people would think that this is the trial of a shocking case that happened more than a year ago.

At the trial, the court announced the suspension of the appeal trial against Nguyen Vo Quynh Trang because the defendant voluntarily withdraw appeal accept death sentence</a >. Trang was only questioned by the jury to clarify Nguyen Kim Trung Thai’s crime. 

In response to most of the questions, defendant Nguyen Vo Quynh Trang used Use your right to silence and not answer anything further.

As for defendant Nguyen Kim Trung Thai, the jury questioned why Thai, an educated, successful person, could treat his daughter like that. Little V.A was repeatedly beaten by Trang while not wearing any clothes and was locked in a cage with a dog… in front of Thai’s presence. Not to mention many times Thai and Trang also beat and scolded their biological daughter.

No longer unfamiliar with all the horror cases in the world, the jury of this trial also carries the sentiment of many people who cannot explain the behavior of a father like Thai. The jury kept asking why Thai treated his daughter like that? As a Thai father, what was he thinking that he did not stop his child from being beaten for such a long time but also participated in beating and cursing him?

Interrogating Nguyen Kim Trung Thai, the jury also choked up: “The child is the defendant’s child and is a girl. After my parents divorced, I only had one support: the defendant. What did the defendant think that he could treat his child like that?” Think back to that time. As for his motives for treating his daughter cruelly, Thai replied: “I don’t know what I was thinking at that time.”

During the next questioning, defendant Nguyen Kim Trung Thai did not answer in a roundabout way, denying responsibility for the act of beating and torturing his biological daughter. Pointing out the contradictions in Thai’s testimony, the jury also decided to show the video extracted from the camera at the trial. scene of baby V.A being tied up and brutally beaten.

This video was restored by the police after Thai personally deleted it on December 22, 2021 when baby V.A was taken to the hospital. emergency treatment and did not survive.  ​​

The video recorded the scene of the baby being stripped naked and the baby’s screams, crying and begging, but everything was drowned out by the screams of horror and the pounding sound of the whip from “stepmother” Quynh Trang.

In that video, Nguyen Kim Trung Thai sat there but did not speak. The heartless father did not speak up to stop Trang from beating his daughter. But if that’s all, maybe there’s still luck for the baby. On the other hand, when she saw that the whip in Trang’s hand was too short to beat her, Thai gave her lover a longer, more suitable whip so that this “stepmother” could beat her biological daughter…

Watch and listen again At this horrifying scene, the child’s relatives screamed in pain and burst into tears right in court. This person was immediately helped out to calm down. Some other people present at the trial could not hold back their tears…

The sound of the past more than a year ago haunts anyone even to the present. Within the four walls of an apartment in Ho Chi Minh City, that little girl was brutally beaten and tortured by her “stepmother”, crying helplessly. The baby knows who to call when his biological father stands right there and witnesses, not a single word of protection to stop him, but “contributes his strength” to beat him…

The baby screams loudly, cries loudly, but all the cries are drifting away in vain. The baby continued to be tortured for many months until he died in pain and loneliness.

When the jury read the indictment of the case, even though they had heard it a lot before, those present at the trial still held their breath, imagining the time when the child was beaten, tortured, stripped, forced to kneel and locked in a cage by two adults, his aunt and father. dog… I was beaten so much that I had to go to the hospital to have my wound stitched, but when I returned home I was still not allowed to continue being beaten.

Lawyer Nguyen Anh Thom, Head of Law Office Nguyen Anh, who protects the legal rights and interests of the victim, shared that when he saw the video clip of these two defendants horrifyingly abusing little V.A, he was speechless. can describe inhumane brutality. The actions of these two people not only endanger the child’s life but also exceed the tolerance of human conscience.

Many days after the appeal hearing, Thom expressed that there were nights when he woke up and still felt tears falling… Thinking of the beaten child, thinking of the victim’s cries, the lawyer’s heart ached because he felt sorry for the child and shuddered at the actions of the perpetrators.