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Explore Smart City’s largest internal park at West B – Masteri West Heights

Improving value with green infrastructure When you want to invest in real estate, besides paying attention to the area and space of the house, Many homeowners also pay attention to location, surrounding environment, living amenities… That is also the reason why apartments with many layers of diverse amenities, such as West B – Masteri West […]

Things to know when visiting Hokkaido – Japan’s most mysterious island

The Japanese island of Hokkaido has long been mysterious with legends, remote and secluded, cold and isolated. However, today it is different, this land is a miniature nature with wonderful scenery, no longer gloomy and isolated, but a developed land with lively nature and harmonious people. , rich cuisine and things worth exploring.  Hokkaido overview […]

“Plowing” tycoon Le Thanh Than and his house sales for only 10 million VND/m2

These project surprisingly cheap price This morning (August 10) the trial of Mr. Le Thanh Than for deceiving customers took place in Hanoi. Mr. Than was criminally prosecuted as Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of Bemes Company, investor of CT6 Kien Hung apartment project (Ha Dong district, Hanoi). According to the […]