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Yukata Himeji – Festival of colorful traditional yukata

Kimono and yukata are two types of traditional costumes associated with the elegance and sophistication typical of the people of cherry blossom country. Due to their great similarity in form, they Many foreign tourists coming to Japan cannot distinguish or confuse these two types of costumes as one. In the simplest terms, a yukata is […]

Are Geisha Japanese prostitutes?

The most frequent question is “Are Geishas prostitutes?”. To answer this question, let’s join Charlea Jefts to learn about the origins and interesting history surrounding female artists. This unique Japanese entertainer. Oiran – High-class courtesan The origins of the geisha profession can be traced back to the 1200s with a group called shirabyoshi. Although these […]

Approval of detailed planning for a 3.5 billion USD urban area project along Cam Ranh Bay

The People’s Committee of Khanh Hoa province has just issued a decision approving the detailed planning project (scale 1/500) of zones 2 and 3 Project Urban area along Cam Ranh Bay (Cam City Area) with a total area of ​​more than 640 hectares; zone 1 alone has an area of ​​more than 600 hectares that […]

Apartment N04 UDIC: Smoldering “civil war”, old and new management board disagree?

Along with The number of apartment buildings springing up like mushrooms and disputes are also increasing. The reasons for these disputes can stem from disagreements between investors and residents. There are also cases. between the board of management (BQT) and residents, but there are also things that come from the members of the Board of […]

Admire the beautiful four-season patterns of Japanese kimonos

Spring: Plum: Although today’s flower viewing festivals focus on cherry blossoms, plum blossoms are also an indispensable part of spring. Before the Nara period (710-94) the Japanese word for flower ‘hana’ was the word reserved for plum blossoms. Plum trees bloom in winter, so in Japanese culture, seeing plum blossoms also means that a new […]

10 mountains in Japan are as beautiful as the legendary Fuji

When mentioning Japan, people immediately think of Mount Fuji as a national symbol. However, few people know where Fuji is located next to. Phu Tang also has many mountains that are equally beautiful. Mount Iwate, Iwate Province With an altitude of 2,038 meters, Mount Iwate is the highest mountain in Iwate Prefecture. Iwate is often […]

Revealing the luxurious villas and castles in the sky of BlackPink members

BlackPink is a hot phrase on social networks today. On the morning of June 26, the Kpop fan community (Korean music fans) exploded at the announcement of YG Entertainment. Specifically, the management unit of the famous girl group BlackPink revealed that the group will have two shows at My Dinh Stadium (Hanoi) on July 29 […]

What did Chairman Tan Hoang Minh write in his “letter” asking to remove Thu Thiem land stakes?

Deposit to… partially ensure market stability business real estate Right after the “unprecedented” auction with a record of more than 24 billion VND/m2 of land in Thu Thiem (HCMC)public opinion raises many mixed opinions. Many of them hypothesize that Viet Star Investment Company Limited belongs to Tan Hoang Minh will drop the deposit. There are […]

Basic standards of laminate flooring that you should know

Wooden floors are an important and expensive detail in the house. Currently, many people prioritize using laminate flooring because of its reasonable price, many types, and many colors. In addition to aesthetic factors, when choosing laminate flooring, you need to choose carefully and put durability and health safety first. According to architect Bui Men – […]