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Gated Community – Isolated community with high living values ​​for the upper class

In the book titled Fortress America: Gated Communities in the United States, for the first time, scholars Edward J.Blakely and Mary Gail Snyder classified these communities for the first time. Isolated communities that they call “refuges in the city”. Accordingly, these communities are divided into 3 main types: security communities, prestige communities and lifestyle communities. […]

7 “nature bathing” onsen in the world

Wilbur Hot SpringsCaliforniaUSA The completely undiluted or contaminated natural hot water source at Wilbur Hot Springs contains minerals such as magnesium… Visitors can use natural hot springs with water heated by volcanic activity and other amenities such as sauna rooms. The special thing is that visitors can decide whether to wear clothes or not when […]

Decoding the “Japanese genome” creates the outstanding living quality of the Toji apartment tower

The dominant genes “fully nurture the body – mind – mind of residents Toji tower is inspired by the traditional Toji water therapy method combining Traditional medical culture and belief in the benefits of hot water for health and spirit Residents living here will be cherished with original, sophisticated “Japanese standard” values ​​with care facilities […]

Taste of Hanoi in the heart of the “new city”

The Hang streets of Kinh Ky land are the busiest trading places of Hanoi capital. With a history of formation and development dating back thousands of years, the streets and people here have blended and crystallized into a traditional value, an original value that people still call the Hanoi style. < p>Despite experiencing many historical […]

Asa Light project: The investor blatantly brought the resettlement house to sell

The Department of Construction of Ho Chi Minh City has just issued a document requesting District 8 Public Service Company Limited to coordinate with Thai Bao Production Trading Service Company Limited (Thai Bao Company) to urgently complete the payment for the cases that have been paid. Signing an apartment purchase and sale contract that does […]

Many districts in Thanh Hoa have vibrant land auction markets at the beginning of the year

Recently, Nhat An Phu Partnership Auction Company – Thanh Hoa branch and the People’s Committee of Ha Trung district, Thanh Hoa province organized an auction of 85 plots of land for households and individuals in sub-area 6, Ha commune. East, Ha Trung town. These 85 plots of land have a total area of ​​more than […]

If the Chinese real estate “bubble” bursts…

The above warning was given by the Japan Center for Economic Research (JCER) in a new report published on December 19. JCER’s report outlines GDP growth forecasts for 18 Asia-Pacific economies through 2035, with annual updates reflecting the latest policy situation and economic conditions. China’s economy has been affected by the above difficulties real estate […]

Developments of the land market after land fever

The land market is slipping According to data from the Vietnam Association of Real Estate Brokers (VARS), the land market is no longer hot” like the previous period. Land products have experienced many reductions, cutting losses by up to 30-40% but still difficult to liquidate. According to a recent report on land market developments by […]