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The real estate game of the billion-view “tycoon” who owns Rap Viet and Masked Singer

With the strong development of media over the past 10 years, reality television programs (game shows) have become indispensable content for television stations. A series of popular game shows were born such as Rap Viet, Masked Singer, Who is That Person. These programs bring in millions of views for each episode broadcast on VieON’s Youtube […]

9 common real estate scams that are the easiest for people to fall into

2022 is a year real estate market has many unusual fluctuations. However, the attraction of real estate investment has never ceased to be attractive and many scams still occur regularly. . From the actual experience of a legal consultant, lawyer Doan Trung Hieu (Hanoi Bar Association) shares with Dan Tri common forms of fraud takes place […]

Ciputra – Indonesian real estate legend passed away at the age of 88

“We have truly lost a beloved father, grandfather and outstanding leader who has always been a role model ideal for children and grandchildren as well as the Ciputra Group family.” Ms. Rina Ciputra Sastrawinata – Mr. Ciputra’s eldest daughter expressed her condolences for her late father. Mr. Ciputra is the founder and chairman of Ciputra […]

Flamingo Ibiza Hai Tien – new destination for travel enthusiasts

Thanh Hoa’s real estate market is more exciting at the end of the year when investor Flamingo Holdings is preparing to start construction on the Light Square villa phase 2 with many unique products. Many investors are targeting these products because they appreciate the location, utility chain and effective business potential. Prime location – destination […]

Should you put money into an apartment, experts give valuable advice

Recently, the apartment market, especially used apartments, has been quite vibrant and prices increased dramatically right after the Lunar New Year. Should I invest money in apartments at this stage? If investing, what risks should you pay attention to? Real estate expert Tran Minh shared with reporter Dan Tri about the above topic. 3 groups […]

Dr. Can Van Luc: Real estate companies should make correct and successful recommendations, not complain

Is the real estate market recovering Share at event morning of December 14 Dr. Can Van Luc – BIDV chief economist – evaluates the real estate market Assets are starting to show more positive signs compared to last year and the beginning of this year. Capital flows to investment markets are showing positive changes in […]

1,000 red book debt case: Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Luong Nguyen Minh Triet gave “hot” instructions

At the end of March, the standing Steering Committee for preventing and combating corruption and negativity of Quang Nam province held a meeting to evaluate the results of direction and implementation of the conclusions, policies and mechanisms of the Steering Committee. Central Committee on Corruption Prevention and Combat; results of handling cases and cases monitored […]

Gemek Tower II was honored as “Livable Project 2023”

In order to honor prestigious urban housing projects, aiming for a quality life for all residents, recently, the organizing committee of the 6th “Living Projects Voting Program” awarded the certificate certification for 19 real estate projects in 2023. The event was organized by the Department of Housing and Real Estate Market Management (Ministry of Construction) […]