CEO Nguyen Thi Anh: “I am grateful and owe my whole life to my mother”

Starting to leave her hometown to start a business in the city at the age of 26, the journey to success of Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh – female CEO of Hathor Group Joint Stock Company (Hathor Group) has been known to many people and has become a source of inspiration for young people to constantly follow and study. On that arduous path, what is most admirable is the determination to try their best to pursue their passion accept all difficulties and challenges in life.

Now that she is a successful woman with a strong career and a happy family, she Nguyen Thi Anh still sometimes remembers the miserable and miserable days when she first started life. That was the moment when I was alone on the train from Yen Bai to Hanoi when my friends tricked me out of all my money, leaving only 250 thousand left in my pocket. Those were the days when I worked as a cafe waiter selling clothes… a day full of pills from early morning until late at night just hoping to earn enough money to pay off debts and days of persistent illness with only one person by my side. always encourage perseverance and never give up: mother.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh remembers the time in 2008 – 2009 when her I had begun to settle down with a job in Hanoi that, although it was hard, was still enough to get through the day when I suddenly received bad news when I contracted hepatitis B. Not only that, the time it was discovered was when the disease became worse. The weight of liver enzymes increases many times compared to normal people.

At Bach Mai hospital, it was diagnosed that the injection fee had to be paid up to 60 million VND per month, not including hospital fees, Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh almost collapsed. At that time, Ms. Anh called her mother and decided to return to her hometown with the thought of giving up everything.

Before leaving, my mother told me that they should take me to Nghe An to get medicine to cure my illness. In fact, before that, I had taken many herbal medicines and had my friend help me go to China for treatment, but after treatment, the situation got worse, but my mother was still determined to advise me to try again. When I went with my mother to Nghe An to get medicine, I thought this was my last chance” – Ms. Anh shared.

“ I feel like the person I am most at fault in this life is my mother because I have not done anything to show her filial piety. Lying on the bus from Hanoi to Nghe An, I thought a lot and made a decision for myself: If I am lucky enough to be saved, I will definitely never let my mother down. Before, I didn’t have a goal to live for, but by that time I knew I owed my mother twice. Being born into life and facing death, I always have my mother by my side. I am grateful and owe my life to my mother.”

Until this moment, Ms. Anh still remembers her words vividly. Mother said when she was in the most desperate and sick situation: “Even if the whole family goes out to the streets, I will never let death take you away“. And a miracle happened, Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh was cured after the last effort of mother and daughter.

Recovered, Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh listened to her mother’s advice and returned to Vietnam. Nam worked after 1 year working in Shanghai with the determination to open a spa of his own. At first, because business was not going well, he was constantly rude, making my husband’s family extremely worried. However, gradually everything went into a stable rotation, and Ms. Anh’s business increasingly expanded and achieved admirable achievements.

Ms. Anh shared shared: “Now when I encounter a big shock in business, there are times when my work also goes down, but instead of giving up, I take my loved ones, including my mother, my family, and others. always believe in companionship as motivation.

I always tell myself that if I agree to give up, I will be a complete failure in this life. not worthy of anyone’s trust. That’s why I have to try to overcome everything myself.”

Now, not only is she the owner of a famous business, Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh also has her own home and is the mother of two beautiful sons. . More than anyone else, she understands the vocation of a mother to love and care for her children like the love and care her mother gave her all those years ago.

“ Only by giving birth can you understand the heart of a mother. Now I just want to use the love I received from my mother to take care of my children, hoping that they will grow up happily into adults” – Ms. Anh shared.