CEO Vu Nga OLIC – Successful businesswoman who many people dream of

CEO Vu Nga’s full name is Vu Thi Nga, she is a bachelor of National Economics University – one of the leading schools in the country She completed the program in only 3 and a half years. During that time, she actively studied and looked for a part-time job to improve herself.

After graduating, she received a degree. University in hand but she did not apply for a government job like others, she pursued the path start your own business.

“Everyone is different, there’s nothing left More excited when you are unique. It is important to know how to take advantage of that difference instead of suppressing it. If you are different from the crowd, feel lucky because that is one of the important factors that make you successful. Be proud of being different and CEO Vu Nga has proven it to us.

When life is fuller Women’s beauty needs are increasing day by day, but the complex cosmetics market makes women afraid of not having enough confidence to choose their own products. With the mission of bringing beauty closer to everyone, CEO Vu Nga established Olic Vietnam Co., Ltd. Olic is one of the pioneering companies in researching and distributing clean, natural cosmetics that meet human standards consume the safest and highest quality products. Olic has affirmed her name in this field.

Not only does she own her own successful cosmetics company in business, she is also known by many people for her kindness. Love always helps people. She has participated in many charity activities and regularly organizes the company and its agent branches to participate in those meaningful activities.

With distributors and agents Olic branch, Ms. Vu Nga is not simply a talented CEO. You are a relative, a sister who guides and inspires hundreds of thousands of people to achieve their dreams, helping them overcome their own barriers and be willing to take risks to succeed.

Olic Company Limited regularly organizes skills training sessions

After the successes that have been achieved, CEO Vu Nga wants to expand and develop the company further in various fields. other. In the future, Olic will from an exclusive distribution company become an autonomous company in all aspects from production, design, printing, packaging to product distribution.

In August 2018, Olic’s manufacturing factory officially started construction. The factory is expected to go into operation in February 2019. With an investment of 20 billion VND, Olic will launch a factory meeting GMP standards and a CGMP laboratory. The factory will produce natural and safe cosmetic lines to meet the needs of women across the country and neighboring countries.

Next are the subsidiaries that support the overall company in terms of expertise: Communications and event organization, Marketing company, training company and design and printing company. press …

OLic will take breakthrough steps to complete the plan in the next 5 years. That is the company’s serious plan that CEO Vu Nga has proposed. Only when you have control over all aspects of clean cosmetics will Olic have a solid foothold and be able to compete strongly with the domestic and international markets.

If you are really serious about business Olic cosmetics commits to income It will not only increase 10 or 20 times like you are doing, but it will increase 100 times.

Promising that 2019 – Olic will explode the market even more than Olic’s peak year.

The achievements of CEO Vu Nga and Olic

CEO of Olic Vietnam Co., Ltd. specializes in distributing and providing clean cosmetics to consumers for domestic and foreign use

Impressive female businesswoman at the second Shining Mind program in 2017

Making Olic become a prestigious brand

Top 100 trusted brands in Vietnam 2017

Brand gold cup at the Friendship Exchange, Cooperation, Trade – Investment Connection between Vietnam and Singapore 2017

Cup brand gold cup at the Friendship Exchange, Cooperation, Trade and Investment Connection between Vietnam and Singapore 2017

Brand Gold Cup honored at the Vietnam Brand Pride 2017 program

Golden Star of Vietnamese Celebrities

Trusted brand for high quality products and services in 2017