Chairman of Khai Hoan Land and meaningful community projects

Human values ​​shaped by family culture

Businessman Nguyen Khai Hoan, Chairman of the Board of Directors (BOD) of Khai Group Joint Stock Company Hoan Land is the youngest son of the late writer Nguyen Khai. He experienced a difficult childhood when his father’s royalties were not enough to support the whole family. In President Nguyen Khai Hoan’s memory, there was a period when he and his sister shared the same pair of sandals to go to school.

Although life is difficult, in return the businessman was raised in a good educational environment. He inherited from his father an optimistic lifestyle, always aiming for beauty, truth, goodness and beauty.

From a young age, the image of his father poring over books was deeply imprinted in the mind of businessman Nguyen Khai. Complete. The spirit of eagerness to learn, love of books and appreciation of humanistic values ​​of the late writer Nguyen Khai was naturally transmitted to Nguyen Khai Hoan.

“I always thank a teacher Being by my side is books. Every time I’m stuck when my relationship is limited, reading books has gradually become my passion I feel like I’m falling behind” confided the Chairman of Khai Hoan Land Group.

Spreading human values ​​in the community

More than 60 In his years as a writer, the late writer Nguyen Khai left behind a huge volume of works that are both imbued with the breath of the times and contain many lessons for future generations. Although he did not choose to pursue a literary career like his father, businessman Nguyen Khai Hoan followed the example of the late writer Nguyen Khai, always creating value for the community.

From a personal passion of reading books for fun This businessman initiated the project “Khai Hoan Bookcase” to spread reading culture widely in businesses as well as the whole society. Books sponsored by the corporation have come to schools in remote areas of Binh Phuoc province, Vinh Long, Ben Tre, Tien Giang… bringing knowledge to thousands of children across the country.

From a project limited to branch headquarters of Khai Hoan Bookcase Group, it became a community bookcase, forming a space for connecting and sharing, multiplying the passion of book-loving individuals.

Besides the “Khai Hoan Bookcase” the famous stone chair is also another typical contribution of President Nguyen Khai Hoan to society.

He came up with the idea of ​​making stone benches printed with quotations and placing them at the bus station, school park… so that everyone can read them when they stop. As a result, from the resources of Khai Hoan Land Group, thousands of famous stone benches have appeared in public places, giving readers more motivation and hope in life.

” The life of a great person is summarized in one or two sentences. When we read those sentences, we are seeing the entire value condensed in the life of a great person. There are times when we see that sentence in vain “It’s not realistic, but at another time it feels like it’s opening a way or a lifesaver,” confided businessman Nguyen Khai Hoan.

In recent years, the spirit of sharing and mutual support Mutual love is also concretized by Khai Hoan Land Group through a series of activities such as: donating blood, donating to the Fund for the Poor, donating to support people in the Central region damaged by natural disasters and floods, visiting and giving gifts to Vietnamese heroic mothers, lonely elderly people, disabled children, children in remote areas…

In addition, Khai Hoan Land also actively supports epidemic prevention through in many different forms such as supporting the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, donating medical supplies and necessities to hospitals, and donating thousands of essential gifts to people in difficult circumstances …

Mr. Khai Hoan determined that in 2024, Khai Hoan Land will carry out more community projects to contribute and spread human values ​​widely in society.

He always keeps in mind the mission of a businessman said: “People don’t care how much money you have, what people respect and admire is whether you contribute anything to society or humanity. Every businessman must carry responsibility for society so that society can develop.