Chloe Gallery – “Emotional Oasis” in the heart of Saigon

With many outstanding advantages, especially modern living environment and convenient infrastructure, District 7 gathers very prosperous residential communities. Chloe Gallery was developed on the basis of promote the abundant potential and strong prospects of this area.

Own the entire stretch of space along Phan Van Chuong street with a total area of ​​up to 12 hectares. Chloe Gallery is a complex with a system of restaurants – hotels – spas – wedding, conference, event and art – entertainment services. In addition to the outstanding advantages of natural landscape, Chloe Gallery is a very elaborate investment in campus design and decoration. A typical example is the koi fish pond with an area of ​​700m2with an investment of up to 10 billion VND, meticulously made by a team of artisans from Japan.

With this investment focus, Chloe Gallery wants to create a unique emotional, aesthetic and emotional space. lifestyle, not just purely functional products and services. This is where the public can find a sense of peace, freedom and harmony with nature without having to “escape” from bustling Saigon.

At Chloe Gallery, the public can You can find the ideal place for comfortable lunches at River View Dining, romantic dinners at Red Chilli Restaurant, find a moment of relaxation while enjoying a cocktail, and watch the sunset at the poetic Sunset Bar on the riverbank. Coming to Chloe Gallery, each guest can reward themselves with moments of absolute relaxation at Anna Spa, immersing themselves in the cool water at the saltwater and freshwater swimming pool system… Tourists from far away come to Saigon. In Gon, you can spend your vacation days at hotels with elegant designs to fully enjoy the lively space, especially the unique night view that is not easy to find in the heart of a modern city.

Chloe Gallery is also an ideal place for romantic wedding parties and special events. memorable family event.

However, Chloe Gallery not only has culinary and sightseeing resort experience services for individual. With ideal space, professional services, creative capacity and outstanding aesthetics, Chloe Gallery meets all the conditions to become a leading location for the needs of organizing events and parties, especially weddings.

In the opinion of the developers of Chloe Gallery, event organization services need to change and increase many factors to not only meet current needs but also bring Spiritual value and strong inspiration for both event owners and their public. Accordingly, to have a perfect event, in addition to a large and beautiful premises, excellent food and drinks, attentive and dedicated service, it also requires a lot of creativity from big ideas to sophistication in every detail. Every event is an opportunity to create new experiences for the public and awaken strong emotions in them. Thereby, it will leave a deep impression connecting customers with businesses, brands and products, especially connecting people with each other.

In that spirit, Chloe Gallery has all the advantages to meet all needs of organizing large and small events from corporate conferences, exhibitions – product launches, art shows – culture to family events or private parties. With capacity and deep understanding, Chloe Gallery easily realizes customers’ ideas and desires, helping events carry bold brand colors or personal style.

Moreover, Chloe Gallery’s space is ideal for romantic, fairy-tale outdoor weddings. With Chloe Gallery’s full hotel, restaurant, spa, garden complex, couples will have sacred moments of engagement, a perfect party with family and friends, and private time with peace of mind because they are taken care of by the service process. Professional and sophisticated. More specifically, they can have new experiences such as walking on the river by yacht right on their big day.

“We have been and will be always strive to bring new values ​​in meeting the needs of enjoyment and entertainment, building a destination that brings beauty with the belief that every guest coming to Chloe Gallery will have unforgettable experiences” – Chloe Gallery representative shared.