Ciputra – Indonesian real estate legend passed away at the age of 88

“We have truly lost a beloved father, grandfather and outstanding leader who has always been a role model ideal for children and grandchildren as well as the Ciputra Group family.” Ms. Rina Ciputra Sastrawinata – Mr. Ciputra’s eldest daughter expressed her condolences for her late father.

Mr. Ciputra is the founder and chairman of Ciputra Group. He graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology in 1960 and was awarded an honorary doctorate by Tarumanagara University for his contributions and achievements in developing the Indonesian real estate industry.

Ciputra Group is one of the world’s leading corporations in new urban development, established in 1981. Starting with only 5 members, Ciputra Group now owns a network of more than 100 advanced member companies. Pioneer in large-scale real estate development creating green and modern urban communities. Ciputra Group has successfully developed 110 real estate projects ranging from 500 hectares to 6,000 hectares in Indonesia and countries around the world.

Pioneer in creating high-end real estate in Vietnam

Ciputra Group took its first steps to Vietnam with the 5-star Pullman international hotel project. After the success of this project along with extensive experience in the field of real estate development, Ciputra Group has gained the trust of the Vietnamese government when the Prime Minister approved the Nam Thang Long Ciputra Hanoi Urban Area project. – the first large-scale real estate project in Vietnam and was granted Investment License No. 1792/GP by the Ministry of Planning and Investment in 1996.
Ciputra Hanoi – A pioneering green urban area in Vietnam developed by Ciputra Group

Since the 2000s, when it seemed that the whole market was unfamiliar and skeptical about the concept of luxury apartments or closed urban models, Ciputra Hanoi saw the superiority of the “All in one” model when The overall planning of the urban area comes with internal transport infrastructure, green landscape, and high-class living facilities to fully meet the needs of residents. After nearly 20 years of construction and development in Hanoi, until today Ciputra Hanoi is still the top choice for an ideal residence for prestigious residents and a symbol of classy life in the heart of the capital.

The person who inspires the spirit of entrepreneurship

Is an entrepreneur With an illustrious career from scratch, in 2016, Mr. Ciputra is one of the richest people in Indonesia with total assets of 145 billion USD (statistics by Globe Asia Magazine). He passed the fire of enthusiasm, desire for dedication and success to millions of young generations. His famous quote “Transform Trash into Gold” is a guideline for his tireless efforts to create miracles, encouraging each individual to apply all their intelligence, creativity, and dare to think and do. to create prosperity not only for yourself but for the prosperity of the entire society. He also set out his own mission to inspire and help 4 million young entrepreneurs start their businesses within 25 years.

Philanthropist volunteer with great contributions

Chairman Ciputra is also famous for being the largest philanthropist in Indonesia, the founder and chairman of many Charitable fund for education, arts, sports, disaster relief. In particular, he devoted a lot of enthusiasm to the development of Indonesian education. He is the founder of more than 10 educational institutes from preschool to university over the past 35 years.

He has a strong belief that education is the key to opening a bright future for the nation. A developed country needs the presence of powerful corporations where knowledge is used as lasting strength, and that strength needs to be sown from the first years of a person’s life. Therefore, he submitted to the government the application of an entrepreneurship education program that promotes the spirit of independence and self-mastery in all levels of education from kindergarten to university. On October 29, 2009, at the Indonesian National Summit, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono approved the proposal and asked ministers to start applying this education project to the national education system.

< p style=”text-align:justify”>With decades of achievements and contributions, Mr. Ciputra has been awarded more than 80 prestigious awards in many fields from prestigious national and worldwide organizations, including including: World Outstanding Individual Brand – The Brand Laureate Brand ICON Lifetime Achievement Award Leadership 2018 by the Asia-Pacific Brand Foundation (APBF) and Lifetime Achievement Award for many consecutive years .

Mr. Ciputra has lived a full and meaningful life as a firebrand, inspiring generations to live and work great. We pray for his soul to rest in eternal peace.

Memorial room for Dr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra in Vietnam is located at Ciputra Hanoi Project Headquarters from November 29 to December 5, 2019, welcoming partners and customers who wish to visit and send condolences and lay farewell wreaths.

Address: Headquarters – Project Office

Office Area Project Department Phase 2

South Thang Long Urban Area Project, Xuan Dinh Ward – Bac Tu Liem District – Hanoi.