Close-up of the unique pet dog and cat farm in the heart of Hanoi

Started from love

Started from the initial passion for cats and dogs They were only raised as pets, but because they were “cool”, the pet dogs cared for by Bui Quang were all very beautiful and developed well. In the context of the domestic market needing a place to provide quality pets, Bui Quang established the farm in 2009 breeding pet dogs and cats at AZPET Shop.

In addition to breeding in September 2019, AZPET officially established Established AZPET Joint Stock Company to strongly develop accompanying services such as: Spa clinic (AZPET Spa & Clinic); Supply of accessories (AZPET Mart); Dog and cat hotel (AZPET Hotel) and purebred dog breeding.

Dreamy number

After nearly 10 years of operation, AZPET Shop has become the largest pet dog and cat breeding farm in Vietnam with a system of 2 breeding farms. More than 200 imported parent dogs and cats.

In 2019, the unit provided more than 3,000 dog and cat breeds to customers at breeding farms and shops. doing business nationwide. This is a desirable number for many pet dog and cat breeding and trading establishments in Vietnam. Success is partly due to business acumen, but above all is the desire to share love with dog and cat lovers across the country.

One-of-a-kind warranty policy

According to a representative of AZPET 70 % of the current supply of pet dogs and cats is imported from China of unknown origin and is not fully quarantined and vaccinated. Therefore, AZPET Shop offers a pet warranty to make customers feel secure. Specifically, customers who buy pets at AZPET Shop will receive a comprehensive health warranty for 45 days (for all diseases). This is the longest warranty period in Vietnam that not all pet dog and cat breeders dare to commit to.

In addition, before returning to their new owners, all pets are fully vaccinated, dewormed, have detailed medical records and are fitted with a microchip. monitor. AZPET Shop has a policy to support the cost of medical examination and treatment and lifelong health care consultation for pets. Specially supporting doctors in medical examination and treatment at home for customers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City areas.

In addition, the camp also supports 30% of coordination costs. breeds, guides care according to standard procedures and buys back puppies and kittens at high prices.

Confident in the quality and dare to commit

Confident in the quality and dare to commit strong>

“Quality breeds and enthusiastic support consultants” are the impressions of most customers about AZPET Shop. Pets must be at least 2 months old when sold and born to healthy parents with no defects and complete documents proving origin.

Customers can sign a sales contract that clearly stipulates the customer’s rights and AZPET Shop’s responsibilities in each specific case to ensure maximum benefits for customers.

Especially at AZPET Shop, customers who order a pet only need to pay 90% of the value in advance and the remaining 10% only have to pay (after 1 month) when they are truly satisfied with the quality of support. Enthusiasm of the staff.

“I think the puppies here are very beautiful, the consultants are enthusiastic, the warranty is very good and the price is very good. is reasonable compared to other units” – Thu Trang – Customers who bought Poodles at AZPET Shop shared.

One ​​of the things that attracts customers at AZPET That shop is a gift set that comes with buying a pet including: Spa care package + Accessory set specifically for each type of pet; Lifetime 10% discount voucher when using all services at AZPET such as: Spa & Clinic accessories shopping, care and training.

Contact Information

AZPET Joint Stock Company

Headquarters: 59 Van Cao Lieu Giai Ba Dinh Hanoi

Breeding farm 1: Alley 310 Nghi Tam Quang An Tay Ho Hanoi

Breeding farm 2: Alley 521 Truong Dinh Hoang Mai Hanoi.

Hotline: 0888.08.3388