“Connoisseurs” spend tens of millions of dong raising “giant” frogs as pets

In 2019, when he first learned about the hobby of ornamental frogs, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Duc (in Ho Chi Minh City) was attracted by the unique and colorful creatures. After that, he researched how to take care of and raise this special “pet”.

The first frog that Mr. Duc experienced was a Pacman breed. After 2 years, he now owns it. more than 100 different types of frogs such as Pacman Bullfrog Budget Frog Brazilian Horned Frog Fantasy Ornate Horned Frog …

These frogs have an average size of 10-15cm Adults reach a “huge” weight of more than 2kg.

According to Mr. Duc, in Vietnam there are many breeds of ornamental frogs such as the Budget Frog Brazilian Horned Frog Fantasy Ornate Horned Frog cane toad… but the most popular are still Pacman and Bullfrog. If Pacman has a variety of colors, Bullfrog is big and looks “cool”.

Pacman frogs originate from South America and mainly live on land. When mature, they have an average size of about 13cm and a lifespan of 7-15 years.

While The Bullfrog frog (also known as the “elf frog”) originates from Africa. This type of frog can reach an adult weight of more than 2kg with a maximum length of 24cm for males and 12cm for females.

“Depending on the type and size, each frog has a different price ranging from a few hundred thousand VND to several million VND. With the Pacman line, the rarer the color, the higher the price.

For example, green Pacman frog costs 200,000 VND, chocolate color costs 300,000 VND, red color costs 350,000 VND… the highest can even be up to 5 million dong. The most expensive Bullfrog breed alone costs about 7-8 million VND,” Mr. Duc said.

After two years of experience raising ornamental frogs, Mr. Duc revealed that he spent about 60 million VND for his special passion. He said this amount of money is completely worth the spiritual value that this unique hobby brings.

“Before, I never dared to touch any frogs because they looked very scary, but now I confidently hold them in my hands. My children also have the opportunity to explore the world of creatures in nature and learn to love them. In my free time, I sit and watch colorful frogs running and jumping to relax my mind,” he expressed.

Van Tai (born 1994, living in Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh City) – a person who is also passionate about The hobby of sharing ornamental frogs, depending on their preferences, people will choose different breeds of frogs or take care of many types at the same time for variety.

In addition, “connoisseurs” can also buy frogs from the tadpole stage or when they have developed into shape.
9X said that raising and caring for ornamental frogs is quite simple, suitable for people who do not have much time.

“Fresh, clean, not rancid and you should feed the frogs enough to eat about 1/3 of their body” Tai emphasized.

Sharing his experience in choosing ornamental frogs, the young man revealed that he should choose individuals. brightly colored, active and gluttonous. Frogs are also easy to care for. During the raising process, players need to pay attention to two important factors: food that is guaranteed to be fresh and clean and living environment is always cool.
Regarding cages for raising ornamental frogs, the advantage is that you do not need to invest much, just need a plastic box with a capacity of about 15-30 liters, add a little water or invest in semi-landscape decoration so that the frogs have a living environment. more vivid (Photo: Nguyen Tuan Duc).

Water can be changed daily or periodically 2-3 times/week depending on the characteristics of each frog species. In addition, you need to make sure the frog’s place is always cool and clean to avoid high temperatures or too much sunlight. Be careful not to keep baby frogs with adult frogs in the same cage because they can eat each other.

We share that ornamental frogs are popular not only because of their eye-catching colors but also because of their feng shui elements, especially the Bullfrog line. Some people believe that because frogs are animals that always jump forward, they will bring good luck.