Creating conditions for employees to take 5 consecutive days off on April 30 is reasonable

Accordingly, the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs proposes to convert the second working day to a make-up day and thus, officials, civil servants, public employees and workers will have 5 consecutive days off.

Specifically, in 2024, April 30 falls on a Tuesday, while May 1 is a Wednesday, which is a normal working day. Meanwhile, the second day, April 29, is between the holidays of April 30 and May 1 as well as last weekend’s holiday. Therefore, swapping working days and making up another day will help workers have 5 consecutive days off.

Creating conditions for employees to take 5 consecutive days off on April 30 is reasonable

In my personal opinion, I think that swapping to create conditions for workers to take 5 consecutive days off is very practical and appropriate. For the following reasons:

First taking 5 consecutive days off helps workers have time to travel to visit relatives and thus stimulates tourism demand and consumption. social use contributes to promoting economic growth. While the swap does not change the working time of civil servants and employees.

Secondly this is a good opportunity for workers to Take advantage of the time to return home to visit relatives to resolve family matters after a long period of separation. Taking a long day off on this occasion is very meaningful for civil servants and workers, especially for officers and soldiers in the armed forces who are far from home and have not been able to return home due to being on duty during the recent Lunar New Year 2024. have not been able to reunite with family or meet friends and relatives.

Thirdly if the proposal is approved by the competent authority, it will not affect poor and difficult workers. want to work to earn money as some people fear. Because this is an exchange, the total working day remains unchanged and still follows the legal regulations on holidays.

Even if long consecutive days off are allowed, it will create conditions for those who want to go to work. . At that time, they can work outside to earn extra income, such as selling goods, serving coffee, helping at places of entertainment, or public shopping because during the holidays, workers are needed…

In addition, taking 5 days off Continuous days help workers have a long time to rest and recover, which also helps increase labor productivity in the whole society. Because if you take a day off, work another day and then rest for 2 days, the efficiency of labor productivity will definitely not be high. Sometimes it will cause more waste, especially in construction projects that follow a multi-step, multi-stage production line.

Even in the field of scientific research, it is not effective because it is difficult to concentrate intelligence and energy to produce good research products because of time interruptions!

Thinking of competent authorities This very practical and reasonable proposal of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs should be approved. Accordingly, it is allowed to swap working days and holidays so that civil servants and employees can take 5 consecutive days off and make up for the appropriate time.

Pham Van Chung