Cuc Tung Limousine launches DCAR Mobile Palace “Royal style” car line

Inheriting the good values ​​that have made the Cuc Tung Limousine brand popular over the past 5 years: Prestige, Quality and Reasonable Price, strong investment in the Company’s high-end Limousine lines Cars DCar Cuc Tung Limousine has created a new standard in the high-end passenger transportation segment in terms of the values ​​”Luxury – Comfort – Class” that will surely satisfy passengers with moments of travel. Enjoy the Royal style on the DCar Mobile Palace car line.

Inspired by the “Flying Palace” of the Sultan of Brunei, DCar Automobile Company has launched DCar Mobile Palace with many extremely luxurious and classy detailed designs in the Royal style, invested by Cuc Tung Limousine. investment and exploitation to serve the city route. HCM – Nha Trang and vice versa has created diversity in the choices of passengers who want to travel by road to the beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang for only 320,000 VND/ticket in the opening month.

Experience classy luxury in Royal style on DCAR Palace Cuc Tung Mobile


– 21 luxurious and royal-style palaces class.

– The car is equipped with a convenient toilet like on an airplane.

– The bed in the room is designed with a flexible electric folding/extension mechanism Moving according to the body is beneficial for blood circulation in the brain and body. Passengers can lie flat or recline in a relaxing style.

– The bed is covered with high-quality leather, spacious and comfortable for passengers.

– Each room can lie down. Equipped with special curtains that do not penetrate light.

– In particular, each palace is equipped with a glass-breaking hammer and an oxygen mask that can provide oxygen for 5 minutes when an incident occurs. .


– Design 3D interior with decorative lighting system Modern luxury.


– All palaces are equipped with: 25 TV screens inch integrated hard drive with headphones, passengers can choose entertainment content as they like.

– USB charging port, 4G wifi reading light.

– Luggage compartment Personal carry-on bag, phone, tablet.

– Each bed is equipped with a multi-level customized massage system.

– Drinking water tray.

Cuc Tung Limousine Service

With the determination to build the Cuc Tung Limousine brand to new heights, continue to develop its potential to provide passengers with increasingly better transportation services with the appearance of the DCAR PALACE DI vehicle line. DONG has marked a milestone on the journey of providing Comfort – Luxury – High-end services aimed at meeting increasing mobility needs. Cuc Tung Limousine takes the criterion “Improving service quality by investing in luxury Limousine lines from DCar Automobile Company to put into operation at reasonable ticket prices” as the core value to develop a long-term strategy. in the transportation industry to maximize benefits for customers.

Cuc Tung Limousine’s vision to 2020 is to bring all passengers “Enjoy joy and health while traveling” by investing in developing more high-end Limousine lines of DCar Automobile Company through expansion of new routes. Improving service quality and investing in new cars to gradually eliminate popular car models shows the determination to realize the goal of that vision. Cuc Tung Limousine is committed to bringing to all passengers “Enjoying convenience when traveling Safely – Comfortably and distance is no longer a problem” spreading joy for everyone – Leading healthy development strength of the “mobile society” and pursue the mission of improving the quality of convenient life.

Cuc Tung Limousine brand.

Experience classy luxury in Royal style on DCAR Mobile Palace – Cuc Tung.

For more detailed information, please call 1900 6606

Ticket booking period starts from July 9, 2018.

Hong Nhung