Damselflies: a world of color

Nature has cleverly created a tiny animal but still enough to sow many things in the human imagination. Even though it is only a fragile entity, it has the power to attract the “giant” world – humans.
Dragonflies are present in almost every place. green, especially in rural areas. These flying needles possess a harmonious “wing” with a variety of natural colors.

When talking about damselflies, we must mention the ability of this species to fly. The golden dragonfly is a challenge to all other flying species, it is like a tiny helicopter, it can fly forward, it can also fly backwards or stand still. With this way of flying, damselflies easily wriggle in narrow spaces under leaves, suitable for habitats with plants.

Dragonflies are a product of nature in selective struggle. Damselflies have perfected a unique design and way of life that people also admire.
Below are a series of photos from readers Dan Tri records the colorful world of damselflies:

Dragonfly: a world of colors - 1

Dragonfly – colorful beauty

Dragonfly: a world of colors - 2


Dragonfly: world of colors - 3


Dragonfly: a world of colors - 4

Compartment blue with red tail

Dragonfly: a world of color - 5

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Red tail white compartment

Dragonfly: world of colors - 6
Orange space

Dragonfly: a world of colors - 7

White body

Dragonfly: a world of colors - 8

Gold Cavity

Dragonfly: world of colors - 9

Red Tail Green

Dragonfly: a world of color - 10


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Dragonfly: a world of color - 11

< /div>

Black and white space

Dragonfly : world of colors - 12

Yellow legs and white-spotted tail

Dragonfly: a world of colors - 13

< /span> 
Black Orange

Dragonfly: world of colors - 14


Dragonfly: world of colors - 15

but can also eat fellow humans

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Dragonfly: a world of color - 16

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 Flower viewing
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Dragonfly: world of colors - 17< /figure>

< img alt="Dragonfly: world of colors - 18" data-src="https://icdn.dantri.com.vn/Uploaded/2011/05/08/Hk%2018.jpg" src=" data:image/svg+xml;charset=utf-8%3Csvg xmlns%3D'http%3A%2F%2Fwww.w3.org%2F2000%2Fsvg' viewBox%3D'0 0 0 0'%3E%3Crect x= '0' y='0' width='100%' height='100%' style='fill:rgb(241245249)' %2F%3E%3C%2Fsvg%3E" title="Dragonfly: world of colors - 18">

 The Art of Flying

Le Van Tha
(Tien village, Vo Ninh commune, Quang Ninh district, Quang Binh province)