Decoding the “Japanese genome” creates the outstanding living quality of the Toji apartment tower

The dominant genes “fully nurture the body – mind – mind of residents

Toji tower is inspired by the traditional Toji water therapy method combining Traditional medical culture and belief in the benefits of hot water for health and spirit Residents living here will be cherished with original, sophisticated “Japanese standard” values ​​with care facilities right next to them. in the tower.

Residing at Toji, residents will enjoy 2 saunas 2 steam rooms 2 tanks jacuzzigym modern cardio gym. Immersing yourself in warm water is a way to relax, soothe the body, reduce stress and improve blood circulation… thereby bringing physical and mental health to residents.

At Toji, residents will find moments of peace and relaxation thanks to the natural landscape fresh, Japanese style with Ashi water square Bach Hac meditation garden, Hokkaido flower valley, Nikkov landscape lake, Chaniwa tea ceremony garden, Nhat Hoa Sakura bridge, four-season swimming pool…

Own a living space with comprehensive health care facilities With the green areas spread throughout, Toji residents are inspired to live a balanced and healthy life like the people of the “land of longevity” Japan.

Investment opportunity

Toji Tower owns up to 5 different types of apartments from studio 1 bedroom 1 bedroom + 12 bedrooms 2 bedrooms + 1 to 3 bedrooms suitable for a variety of customers. With the handover schedule and outstanding utility system, the apartment fund promises to improve the quality of life and is a real estate investment option for renting or buying and reselling.

Toji is expected to be completed and discussed. Delivered in 2025 on time, a series of completed internal and external utility infrastructures meet all residents’ living needs to the fullest.

Up to the present time, a series of common utilities of the area have been completed. This megalopolis and its Western infrastructure are being accelerated to ensure progress in putting it into operation and serving typical residents such as Vinmec Hospital or many arterial traffic projects connecting the entire Western area to other areas…

In the context of prices Real estate value in the West of the capital is predicted to continue to increase. Toji tower with “golden coordinates” next to 3 metro lines 5-6-7 in the future easily connects to neighboring areas, further demonstrating its potential. ability to increase sustainable value.

More than just a place to live, Toji is considered one of the most valuable investments in mental health for both owners and tenants, and is a choice that helps increases in value over time.