Delicious Kitchen: Change dishes with fried sim squid in lolot leaves for a family meal


300g squid sim eggs

Lot leaves

Spices: ginger MSG fish sauce.

Ginger wine


Clean the purchased squid and marinate it with ginger wine for 10 minutes to remove the fishy smell.

Wash the lolot leaves and take about 3-4 leaves to chop into small pieces.

Wash the lolot leaves and cut them into small pieces.

Clean the lolot leaves and cut them into small pieces.


Mix fish sauce according to the ratio: 2 spoons of fish sauce, 1 spoon of filtered water, ¼ spoon of MSG. Use chopsticks to mix well, then add shredded ginger and ¼ teaspoon of pepper to the mixture.

Add oil to 2/3 of the pan and set the fire at a temperature of about 70 degrees Celsius. Moderate heat will help the dish cook. Get the best flavor and also help minimize oil splashes when adding squid.

When the oil is hot, add the squid. Be careful not to stir too much. Fry the squid for about 7 minutes. If fried for too long, the squid will shrink and lose its softness.

About 10 seconds before taking the squid out of the pan, adjust the heat to a higher level. When the squid turns the color of cockroach wings, take it out and put it on a plate.

Pour the oil into a clean pan, place the sliced ​​lolot leaves in a slotted spoon and drop them into the oil pan to fry for about 10 seconds then turn off the heat.</p >

Place the squid on a layer of fresh betel leaves and sprinkle fried betel leaves on top of the squid plate. The dish is served with dipping sauce.


After marinating the squid with ginger wine, you do not need to rinse with water.

When you put squid in a pan of hot oil, the oil will splatter a lot. You should pay attention to ensure safety.

Lot leaves should be fried through a slotted spoon to avoid burning quickly